5 Ways to Stop a Headache

Everyone suffers from headaches from time to time and they can happen for various reasons. Obviously if you suffer from them regularly or they are severe then it would be wise to check with a doctor. There are a range of simple things you can do to get some relief and we have 5 ways to stop a headache.

Try Hot and Cold

bad headache


If a migraine strikes it can be very painful and disabling, but a cold pack placed on the forehead may help to ease it. Using ice cubes wrapped in a towel, a pack of frozen peas or even a cold shower might help to combat the pain. If you’re using a cold compress on your head try to keep it there for 15 minutes, then take it off for at least 15 minutes.

Tension headaches can be tackled with heat, so try a heating pad on the neck or to the back of the head. A sinus headache can be relieved by holing a warm cloth to the area where the pain is. There can also be some relief by having a warm shower.

Loosen Up


External compression can lead to a headache and this can be as a result to a number of things. For those who have a ponytail, if it’s tied too tightly it can cause it, as can wearing a tight headband, hat or swimming goggles. One study showed that women who loosened their hair saw their headache disappear.

Get into the Dark

flourescent light

Some people suffer badly from bright or flickering light. The way in which a TV or computer screen flickers can sometimes cause problems. Fixing an anti-glare screen in front of a computer can be a help, as can closing the curtains, particularly special blackout ones. The room should then be light with daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs. Something as simple as wearing sunglasses indoors and outdoors can also make a difference.

Ditch the Gum

chewing gum

It may sound odd but chewing can actually cause pains in your head so cutting down is another of our 5 ways to stop a headache. Chewing gum might be the cause or even chewing finger nails, lips or the inside of your cheeks. All innocent habits which could be the problem. Then there’s chewing objects around you such as pens, which should be avoided. It might help to keep away from crunchy and sticky foods, or at least take small bites.

Teeth grinding during the night can damage them but also give rise to tension which causes headaches. Dentists can advise on a mouth guard to get around it and help to prevent early morning headaches.

Moderate the Meds


At the first sign of a headache most people reach for some kind of medication to relieve the pain. There’s a wide range available for different types of headache and most of them work, but there are some things to consider. It can be better to choose liquid rather than pills as the body absorbs it more quickly. Try to take any painkillers when you first feel pain as the intensity will be less, so a smaller dose will be needed to tackle it.

Read the label of the painkillers to make sure there’s no caffeine or multiple ingredients. These can cause “rebound” headaches which can be a result of taking medication for too long or too often. They can lead to a worsening of the pain rather than relieving it.

There are more than 5 ways to stop a headache, but these five are basic and may go some way to helping.