8 Amazing Body Tricks to Help Heal Your Body

Our body is a wonderfully resourceful machine which is able to heal itself without us doing anything. Sometimes though, giving it a helping hand can help to speed up things a little. See if these 8 amazing body tricks to help heal your body work for you.

Closing One Eye

Simple but effective! If you have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, try keeping one of your eyes closed as you go there. Dr Mercola from Mercola.com believes that when bright light is exposed to the retina of the eye, it starts a process which makes the brain believe that its daytime.


close one eye


This makes it harder to fall back to sleep, so keeping one eye closed will restrict the amount of light exposure meaning that readjustment to the dark is easier. Once readjusted to the darkness, it’s easier to fall asleep.

Rolling the Neck

The next of our 8 amazing body tricks to help heal your body is similar to when your body weight against your arm or hand for too long. It creates a numbness and it’s common to say that your arm has gone to sleep. The numbness is caused because the nerves are being compressed and are therefore starved of oxygen.

It can be very frustrating if you’ve been sleeping in an awkward position and you’re woken up with a numb arm. One way to quickly get back to normal is not to shake the arm hoping to get blood flowing again, but try instead to roll your head to the back of the neck.

The reason this can be quickly effective is that the nerves in the neck go down the arms and into your hands and they are the root of the numbness. Of course this will only work with numbness in the arms, if it’s a leg with the same problem, you’ll need to try to walk around a bit, but that might not be easy!

Those Damn Hiccups

Hiccups can be so frustrating, you start off thinking that they won’t last long. Then after a while when you’re beginning to get fed up with them, they seem to be waning. Next there’s a period when you don’t hiccup and you think they’ve gone, but all of a sudden you start again!

They occur when your diaphragm spasms and your in/out flow of air gets interrupted by the vocal cords, causing the hiccup sound. The cause is normally from eating too quickly, swallowing too much air, a sudden temperature change in the stomach or simply by being too excited.

There are many so called remedies to hiccups such as breathing into a paper bag for a short period in order to stop taking in oxygen. Some people swear by this method, but another which is said to work entails opening your mouth and reflexively swallowing keeping the mouth open. Continue this with the mouth open for a little while which should help to calm the spasms in the diaphragm and blow those hiccups away.

Holding Back Your Tears

Some people say they never cry, well most of us do so from time to time. Doing it in public can be embarrassing even though it shouldn’t be. It can happen at any time and can be difficult to cover up so nobody sees.

If you suffer a public meltdown for whatever reason, be it stress at work, bad news or a build up of many things, there is something you can do to lessen it. Take a look around you and find several objects you can stare at. Look at each of them very slowly naming their color. The concentration causes a shift in your brain and as you focus on these objects your breathing and heart rate will become calmer.

As you calm down it helps you to gain control and to stop the tears rolling.  If you feel you’re about to “explode”, get quickly into focus mode and it should help you to be in control.

Ear Pulling to Stop Headaches

You’d be forgiven for thinking the best way to ease a headache is to rub the temples. While this can help, it’s best for easing tension in the brow area but there are other pressure points that can work better. Pulling your ear, believe it or not, can help to give all over relief.

In order to use this method, you should act as soon as you feel the twinge of a headache coming on. Get hold of the main part of the ear, gently pulling it outwards and backwards. This action will move the temporal bone just enough so that it lets fresh cerebrospinal fluid in which helps to cleanse and nourish the area.

Overcoming a Fear of Needles

Truth is, needles are not painless, perhaps not overly painful in most cases, but really an experience you’d rather do without. Some people suffer an absolute fear of needles which can cause a lot of stress and upset.

Whilst not a proven method, there was some research carried out by a German researcher called Taras Usichenko which may help. The research seemed to show that coughing while being injected can trick your brain so that the body doesn’t feel the pain. As mentioned the results of the research were not conclusive, but a bit of coughing before the prick might just help a bit.

Ouch, Brain Freeze

We’ve all done it, drank an ice cold drink or eaten ice cream too quickly, only to have the enjoyment ruined by a really intense headache. This is what is known as brain freeze and it occurs when the brain detects a sudden loss of heat and immediately reacts to protect itself.

The result is pain caused by blood vessels in the roof of the mouth swelling up in order to bring the heat back to normal. This happens very quickly and results in the brain freeze. New York Dentist, Dr. Michael Sinkin says the pain can be gotten rid of by warming the roof of the mouth with your tongue, sipping a warm drink or even cupping your hands over the nose and mouth, then breathing quickly.

One way to avoid brain freeze is to prepare for the heat loss before you swallow anything cold. Hold some of the cold substance on the roof of the mouth before swallowing. This helps your body to get used to the drop in temperature before it’s had time to have any effect.

Easily Swallow Pills

Many people have problems with swallowing pills, particularly if they’re fairly large. The funny thing is that most people don’t have trouble swallowing large pieces of food, so for some the problem is purely psychological. However, if you have the problem you have the problem!

One way to overcome the problem and swallow pills easily, according to Dr Mercola, is to put it in your mouth also taking a sip of water. Then lean your head forward as you swallow. This action causes the body’s natural reflex to take over, moving the pill to the back of the throat so it easily goes down.

Body Tricks Can Help

There are many little ways to help our body along even though in many cases it can do it by itself naturally. Knowing a few techniques to make it easier or quicker to get back to normal are useful to keep in our mental toolbox. We hope these 8 amazing body ticks to help heal your body can be added to your toolbox.