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You Won’t Know Until You Try

you won't know until you try

When facing something you’d like to do but are hesitant about it, what do you want to hear? You want to hear words of encouragement, not sarcasm like, “You won’t know until you try.” It might be sarcastic but it’s true. Unless you give something a go, you’ll never know what might have been. Why … Read more

How to Use Affirmations for Manifestation

how to use affirmations for manifestation

The way that we talk to ourselves paints the lens that we view reality through. When we consciously use our thoughts to affirm positive qualities about ourselves this actually affects the reality we live in. From increasing problem solving abilities to healing our relationship with ourselves, affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you … Read more

When Times Get Hard, Life Goes On No Matter What

when times get hard

We all face obstacles, difficulties and upsets at points during our lives. There’s no way of avoiding them, but we should keep in mind that when times get hard, life goes on. A resilient person knows that, but it doesn’t make life easy. Good and bad experiences are part of life, they help in making … Read more

Personal Power – How to Develop it

personal power

Do you have personal power? Are you sure you know what it is and can you describe it to a friend? You might think it’s obvious, but is it the same for everyone as it is for you? You see, “personal” makes it relevant to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s relevant to others. Of … Read more

Manifest a Job – 5 Amazing Steps to Make it Happen

manifest a job

Let’s start with the bad news, you can’t just go and manifest a job. It’s not as straightforward as that. The good news is that you might be able to create a situation where a job gets manifested by you. That probably sounds like a contradiction, but there is a difference. If you think it’s … Read more

Help me Make a Decision (I Can’t Decide for Myself)

Help me Make a Decision (I Can't Decide for Myself) 1

Decisions, decisions, help me make a decision, because I don’t know what to do. Can you relate to this line of thinking? It’s common, you’re not alone, but what can you do about it? The reality is that finding it difficult to make a decision means we’re talking about indecision. Ask yourself, why are you … Read more

What’s Your Jungian Archetype?

jungian archetype

As one of the most revolutionary psychologists of his time, Carl Jung began creating a set of archetypes, known as Jungian Archetypes, which he deemed were universal roles/responses of individuals to the situation they’re in. With that, Jung tells us that this is embedded deep within the collective unconscious. And while we may not actively … Read more

6 Steps to Loving Yourself

6 Steps to Loving Yourself 2

Do you think to love yourself is a good thing? Well I can tell you it is and there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Most of us think it’s a bad thing but it really isn’t. Let’s find out why, and then look at 6 steps to loving yourself. Calling it self-love might … Read more

Overcoming Fear (YOU CAN BEAT IT)

overcoming fear

You know that awful feeling of fear when it’s in your mind, but you also feel it in your gut too. That’s because it’s a natural thing, an instinct programmed into humans to help protect us from danger. This means overcoming fear, although possible, might not always be easy. Everyone feels fear at some point … Read more

I Give Up Shouldn’t be in Your Thoughts

I Give Up Shouldn’t be in Your Thoughts 3

Most of us have at some point thought or said out loud, “I give up” when the going gets tough and it seems the task at hand is near impossible. Well, maybe it is, but there again, maybe it isn’t. How do you know? Perhaps you can relate to the excitement at starting something new. … Read more

The Importance of Forgiveness

importance of forgiveness

We know that none of us is perfect, so why do we sometimes forget that when someone wrongs us? It’s oh so easy to blame, get angry or feel resentment when these occurrences happen, but who is it that really suffers in this situation? We should never underestimate the importance of forgiveness and the power … Read more