10 Benefits of Carrot Juice as Part of a Healthy balanced Diet

10 Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are packed with goodness and are great as part of a balanced diet. We’ve all heard the old saying that they can help you to see in the dark, but there’s more to them than just that.They can be served in many ways, including as juice. Here we have 10 benefits of carrot juice that may be able to help with better health.

Fibre Source


benefits of carrot juice

A little-known fact is that carrots are a great source of fibre and help to balance the metabolism. They also help to maintain gut’s balance of bacteria and contribute to keeping you regular. This is an important part of maintaining your health.

Liver Friendly

It helps to reduce fat and bile in the liver, helping it to better detoxify the body. It can also assist in neutralising toxins found present in the body.

Nutrient Rich

It contains magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, Vitamin A, C, E and K which help to keep the immune system functioning by giving it a boost. This can help in protecting the body from various illness such as colds and flu.


It has plenty of Vitamin E, which is known to work against harmful free radicals before they harm DNA. Some experts believe this can slow down some mutations and tumour growth build up because of its antioxidant properties. It seems that vitamin E is more effective with prostrate, colon and lung cancers, although it doesn’t prevent or cure them.

Low Calories

Vitamin E can also help those who are trying to lose weight as it has very few calories. Because it’s also high in fibre, it helps to make you feel fuller for longer and also helps to flush the gut.

Bone Health

There’s a good amount of Vitamin A in carrot juice which can have some benefits to help with the vision and bone health. As we get older our vision tends to worsen and bones can weaken or wear so having an intake of vitamin A can be a help.


Because carrot juice is nutritionally balanced it may be able help to reduce chronic inflammation, easing joint aches and pains. Symptoms of arthritis and stiff joints can be reduced to some degree.

Healthy Heart

The high amounts of potassium present in carrot juice can help to control cholesterol levels in the blood and is generally good for heart health. Muscles, including those in the heart need potassium in order to function properly.


Both Vitamin A and C, are very good natural anti-oxidants and the fact that there are high amounts in carrot juice can help to make you look better. These anti-oxidants control excess free radicals which are known to damage cells. Once the cells are damaged, the ageing process can speed up, so preventing it may even help to keep you looking younger!

Stress Buster

The mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients together with the anti-oxidants present in carrot juice can help to promote healing in the body. Both the body and mind can be rejuvenated leading to feeling less stress. The taste is refreshing and rejuvenating and another of the benefits of carrot juice.