6 Practical Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle (WITHOUT FUSS)

healthier lifestyle

Health and fitness are both things that one can achieve only with a bit of dedication. They require consistency over a period of time.  What we eat, how much we exercise, and other daily habits play a pivotal role in getting healthier. But once you get a good balance with them, you achieve positivity, fitness, … Read more6 Practical Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle (WITHOUT FUSS)

6 Foods for Healthier Periods

foods for healthier periods

Us women, get our periods every month, feel the symptoms and struggle through it for days in the end. While symptoms and their extent vary from person to person, most women experience a range of inconvenient symptoms like nausea, cramps, lower abdominal pain, mood swings, back pain, breast tenderness, anxiety, indigestion, sensitive skin etc., during … Read more6 Foods for Healthier Periods


infused water tips

Infused water is simple to make, it’s done by adding fruits vegetables and herbs to water. You then allow the mixture to infuse and the water will get flavoured. It’s not only the tasty flavours you get from the many combination options, the ingredients also give you nutrients that they produce. This means your drink … Read moreInfused Water Tips (MAKING GREAT TASTING WATER)

What is Health? Could it be Gaming?

benefits of gaming

What is health, could it be gaming? For me, health involves a sense of physical wellbeing, a feeling of brain power and cognitive equilibrium, and psychological wellness. Coincidentally, it seems that gaming can provide advantages in these three areas. How is this? The Nintendo Wii brought the trend of games that you play by manipulating … Read moreWhat is Health? Could it be Gaming?