8 Good Things About Coconut Water That Might Surprise YOU

8 Good Things About Coconut Water that May Surprise You

New health fads come along all the time and enjoy a brief stay, that’s why we have 8 good things about coconut water that may surprise you. It’s wise to read the label as not all brands are as pure as others. It is low in calories, but it does contain some natural sugars which should be borne in mind. So, what are these 8 good things about coconut water?

Helps Weight Loss


good things about coconut water

Although coconut water does contain natural sugars, it’s fat content is relatively low so it’s possible to drink quite a lot without increasing in weight. As it’s a fairly rich drink it tends to make you feel full and goes some way to suppressing the appetite. There isn’t really any evidence that you will lose weight by drinking coconut water, but there’s a possibility you may want to eat less because you feel fuller after drinking some.

It Can Help the Skin

Drinking coconut water is said to help moisturise the skin from within and it also eliminates large amounts of oil. Using it on the skin can help to reduce blemishes and even acne. Many face creams, shampoos, conditioners and other lotions have some coconut water as one of their ingredients to help them to be more effective.

Good for a Hangover

There’s nothing good about a hangover, but most of us will overdo the drinking now and again. After having “one too many” the stomach may need settling and this is where another of the 8 good things about coconut water can assist. It will help to replace electrolytes, the salts and minerals which leave the body after frequent going to the toilet or vomiting caused by too much alcohol intake.

Helps Digestion

For those who suffer constant problems with digestion there may be an underlying reason but coconut water can sometimes offer some relief. It helps to prevent indigestion and cut down occurrences of acid reflux because of its high concentration of fibre. It’s not a cure for these symptoms, but it may contribute to offering at least some relief.

Hydration Boost

Exercising or any period of physical activity causes the body to lose mineral rich fluids which many people replace but drinking sports and energy drinks which often have a high sugar content. Coconut water can also do the job, it has about 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugar to each glass. Energy drinks, on the other hand, can contain half that amount of potassium and around five times the amount of processed sugar. The sodium count is also relatively low in coconut water.

Balances Blood Pressure

It’s sometimes possible to have a disproportionate level of electrolytes in the body which can lead to high blood pressure. Because coconut water has a good supply of each of them, it’s possible to use it to assist balancing them. Some people recommend drinking it at the start of each day to help keep the electrolytes properly balanced.

Nutrient Rich

There are five essential electrolytes in coconut water, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. It has a unique combination unlike any other drink and that’s why many people with various medical conditions are able to enjoy it. As always, taking a doctor’s advice first is recommended.

Compatibility with Human Blood

Because coconut water has a similar concentration of solutes as human blood, it has been used in in the past to help save lives. In an emergency, if administered intravenously it’s said it can quickly rehydrate the body.

It should be noted that it isn’t a replacement for a good balanced diet. Many of the nutrients, and health benefits discussed can also be achieved through a normal balanced diet including fruit and vegetables but these 8 good things about coconut water are perhaps, in some instances, an alternative.