How to Manifest the Home of Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction

How to Manifest the Home of Your Dreams

I can hear you now, how to manifest the home of your dreams? Oh come on, that’s just ridiculous. But is it? If you believe in the principle of being able to manifest, then why not a dream home? In this context, there isn’t any difference between a new car, home or dream job. Understandably, a house does seem like a big ask.

If you’ve read The Secret, you’ll know that there’s a story in it from the behavioral mindset expert, John Assaraf. He explains how got his dream home by using visualization and the Law of Attraction. He had a picture of his ideal house on a vision board which eventually got packed away. About five years later, after three house moves and renovating his latest home, he found his long forgotten vision board, and on it was the house he was now living in.

This story demonstrates that you don’t get what you want by some mysterious magic, but instead begin a process. You start by knowing exactly what you want, impress it into your subconscious and then take action to move towards it. That’s how to approach getting want you want in life.

how to manifest the home of your dreams


How to Manifest a House Fast


Can it be done? There’s no definitive answer to that, it depends on a few things. I’m sure you already know how to manifest a house fast in your mind, but getting to the real thing is another story. That’s down to you and how badly you want it.

It’s interesting in the story above, that it took John Assaraf around five years. The actions he took, included, moving house three times before he ended up where he wanted to be. In the third home he carried out renovations to his liking which turned out to be the same as he’d set out five years before on the vision board. Well assuming his tastes hadn’t changed, is that so surprising?

The important thing here, as I see it, is that the perfect house was manifested in the mind quickly and from there, every step taken, was a step towards it. The actions you take are what gets you to the destination you want. You come up with the idea, pass it over to the subconscious, let it go, then take the action required. There can be other factors, but how quickly you take the necessary action, will determine how fast you manifest a new place to live.


The Law of Attraction and Your Dream House


You can make the Law of Attraction dream house a reality by realizing that you can’t just place your order, then sit back and wait for it to happen. When you have a clear idea of what you want, you have to completely believe it’s going to happen.

This is a commitment to yourself that you deserve it and you will have it. This part is so important, because without it, it’s unlikely to happen. Visualize your dream house with yourself inside, see it and feel it like it’s already yours.

If you have a particular house in mind, outside circumstances will influence your likelihood of getting it. For example, you can’t force it to come onto the market, so be realistic. Create the house of your dreams in your mind and let your subconscious do the work. The steps you take, such as working hard to save, which you might not otherwise do if you didn’t want a house so much, or getting a job in the area you want to settle, will move you towards it.


Will You Manifest the Home of Your Dreams?


You will if you really want to. There’s plenty of things you can do, such as affirmations for a new home. If you do dream home affirmations, take note of the feelings they bring. They should be positive, if they bring feelings of fear at the commitment, you need to reassess what you really want.

A vision board is a great idea, it’s a constant reminder of what you’re working towards and will help you to get a clear picture. Take action, keep a check on your finances, you might even want to start buying little things for your new home. Any little thing you can do to make this a reality within, will help you to see how to manifest the home of your dreams. It can be done!