Setting Intentions for Your Future (IT'S DOWN TO YOU)

Setting Intentions for Your Future

If you know what you want to get, you must have an intention to do so. The problem is, that many of us know what we want, but we don’t spend enough time setting intentions. It might sound like a contradiction so say you have an intention if you know what you want, but at the same time, you’re not taking time to set it.

The thing is, it’s not so difficult to decide on what you want in life, it might be a new relationship, new job or maybe more cash in your bank account. These are easy to determine, because they are to meet a desire or realize a dream you may have. Setting an intention to get whatever it is you want goes deeper than that.

Intention is where your desire begins. Everything starts with an intention, it has to, because without it, nothing would ever happen. I might decide to go for a walk or save up for a new car and these things begin with the intention to do so. This might all seem a little obvious, but believe me, setting intentions is a crucial part of bringing what you want into your life.


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Finding Your Intention Point


Before setting an intention, it’s worth taking some time to find what is known as, your intention point. Our thought processes and the decisions we make are reached by using our heart and mind. Decisions made with the heart tend to be emotional, while those made with the mind are usually logical.

The intention point is the place that lies between thoughts from the heart and thoughts from the mind. Of course, it’s your mind that has the thoughts, but it’s whether they be emotional or logical, that makes the difference. Where the emotional and logical meet, is the area of the intention point. The equilibrium of thoughts and decisions from your intention point gives a balance, neither too emotional or too logical.

I’m sure you know of at least one person whose intentions are heavily influenced by emotions (from the heart). This type of person can be draining and someone you might try to avoid. Those whose intentions are from only the logical side, can seem cold or too practical and without feeling. By balancing thought and emotion, you’re at your intention point, sometimes it’s also referred to as the gap. This balance will help you set your intentions that will help you towards your desires.


Steps to Setting Intentions


Using your intention point is where you should begin, and this can be achieved through meditation or contemplation. It’s just a matter of being in a quietened, relaxed state so you can be in touch with the balance of thought and emotion. Make sure you’re absolutely clear on your intention. Clarity is very important to make sure there’s no ambiguity as to the destination. It’s no good having an intention to earn more money, how much extra do you want, why do you want it, when do you want it? The clearer you are, the easier the path will be.

Don’t be afraid to aim big, as long as you’re able to break it down into smaller achievable steps. This is similar to coming up with a plan of how you’re going to get there. Attach emotion, the feeling you get from having achieved. Adding emotion at this point is vital. Remember, the intention which is from the point of balanced emotion and logic, now with the added emotion of having achieved, sends a powerful message to the subconscious.

This should be repeated every day, but once done, it should be released, so you detach yourself from the process. It’s not your job to know how it’s going to work, but it is your job to know it’s going to work. You must believe! In short, your desire becomes your intention, your intention becomes your will and your will becomes the action you take. Action on your part is what ultimately creates your destiny, but it’s the whole process that leads to the particular action you take. Dr Wayne Dyer explains it in his book, The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way.


You are the Creator


It shouldn’t be a big revelation that you are the creator of your destiny, you’re the one who needs to take the action to make it happen. It’s knowing which actions you should take that makes the difference. This is where deciding on the intentions you should set, gets you to that point.

You should also practice feeling gratitude because it will give you a lift and change your outlook. Being grateful for your life and the good things you have in it will help towards having positive feelings. This will give a boost to how you feel about your intentions.

Hopefully, you can see how important you are to this whole process, you’re the one who creates it and you’re the one who carries it out. Setting intentions at the beginning raises your vibration, which sets in motion the situations and opportunities that occur along the way. The actions you take on the back of this is what creates your destiny.