3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Won't Improve Your Life

3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Won’t Improve Your Life

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Law of Attraction is some kind of miracle answer to all of your prayers, because it isn’t. Well, it can be, but there’s a lot of misunderstanding around what it is and how it works. Keep reading if you want to know why the Law of Attraction won’t improve your life!

Interest in it has soared since Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was released in 2006. It talked about the possibility of manifesting what you want through creative visualization and positive thinking among other among other practices. It wasn’t anything new because it had been written about for many years, in fact The Secret was inspired by The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, which was released in 1910.

The Law of Attraction says that the universe is made up of energy and vibrations. Everything we think, say, feel and do, sends out vibrations which resonate with like vibrations that are then brought back to us. An easy to understand theory, so why won’t it improve your life?

three reasons the law of attraction won't improve your life


1. You Don’t Believe It Exists


There are a lot of people who think the Law of Attraction is nonsense and isn’t real. Fact is, to those people, it doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe in it, there’s nothing there for you, it’s not on your radar, so how could it be expected to work for you?

A non-religious person may not believe in the afterlife, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Because they don’t believe in it, they go through life unaffected by it, because it’s not a real thing in their world. It will, however, have an impact on the life of believers. The Law of Attraction is similar to this.

It isn’t something that either works or doesn’t work. Rather, it’s something that can be applied, but if you don’t believe it’s there, you’ll not notice any results. If you don’t believe there’s such a thing as the Law of Attraction, that’s absolutely fine and you’ll know it can’t be used to improve your life. How could it, if it doesn’t exist?


2. You Have Self Limiting Beliefs


You might believe in the Law of Attraction but it takes a lot more than mere belief to achieve results. Before you can manifest something into your life, you must believe you can have it and deserve it. Your beliefs must be aligned to what you want.

If your dream is to become financially independent, you must have positive beliefs around money. What are your thoughts about you and money? You might believe you never have enough of it, that those who have lots of it are usually bad or corrupt people, or that it is the root of all evil. Thoughts such as these are self-limiting and will cause blocks to prevent achieving your goal.

Your deep-rooted beliefs were formed in early childhood, often planted by those bringing you up, when you were unable to form your own opinions. Your subconscious mind uses them to guide and protect you from danger. The problem is, what was appropriate back then, might not be relevant now. For example, if you were brought up in a poor family and learnt that money is scarce and hard to come by, you’ll now see it as something that’s difficult to get.

Believing in scarcity will block you from achieving abundance, so the belief must change. When your inner core beliefs are aligned with your goals, only then can you work on reaching them. It’s important to understand that you should work on becoming the person who is able to receive what it is you want, rather than concentrating on actually getting it. You know the saying – change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.


3. You’re Not Taking Action


This is where you can really let yourself down and blow your chances of achieving what you want. If you’ve worked very hard on aligning your beliefs and wants, you’ve opened up a channel to allow your desires to flow, but that isn’t enough.

You’ll probably have to continually work on that alignment, but equally, or even more important, is to take action. It’s a common misunderstanding with the Law of Attraction, people often think that getting the alignment right, doing creative visualization, reciting affirmations etc., is enough to make it happen. Well I’m afraid it isn’t.

It’s no good putting in the hard work prepping yourself to be in a position to receive, if you’re not taking some actions to bring it about. It’s like sitting an exam, you can work at being less nervous and mentally prepare for it, but if you don’t study, you’re bound to fail.

There is no magic to the Law of Action, it’s a simple process. You prepare yourself to receive by working on the things already mentioned earlier, then you get up off your butt and get out there to make it happen. Because you’ve shifted your beliefs and your attitude towards your goal, the actions you take will be more in line with realizing it.


Change the Won’t to Will


Belief and action are the core elements to applying the Law of Attraction to your life. There are other things which are important too. You need to be absolutely clear in your mind what it is you want, be specific. Being positive is crucial, you should see the glass as half full rather than half empty and remember that success is just a little further down the road than failure.

Once you’ve done the legwork, it’s your positive actions that will make a difference. Don’t underestimate the importance of taking action, because it’s the only way you’ll utilize your new-found beliefs about being the person you need to be in order to receive what it is you want. It’ll shift why the Law of Attraction won’t improve your life, to why it will improve your life.