Law of Attraction Exercises and How to Use Them

Law of Attraction Exercises

There has been much written about how to get what you want through the Law of Attraction, with some of it sounding too good to be true or just downright unbelievable. If you have an open mind, you’ll be able to discover that by practicing simple Law of Attraction exercises, you can put yourself onto a path to realise your dreams.

It’s important to understand that it isn’t the exercises themselves that make the magic happen, it’s you. Exercises are no more than just exercises, you are the key to getting results. Any exercise is a tool or technique to help you get to where you want, but it’s you who’s doing the work.

Think of it in the same way as physical exercise. It’s a routine, a route to fitness which you must follow to get to where you want to be. Even though you may reach a peak of fitness, the exercise won’t win the race for you, that’s down to you. You can draw on the physical strength you’ve gained, but it’s you who must have the right mindset and it’s you that must do the running. The action comes from YOU.


law of attraction exercises


Using Law of Attraction Exercises


There are various exercises and techniques that you can use in your manifestation process. You may want to experiment with them because some may feel better than others. There are no set rules on this, mix and match if you can, but use only those which resonate best with you.

By sticking to the Law of Attraction exercises which suit you, they’ll feel more real and therefore believable. You’re going to use them to impress upon your subconscious mind, so the more believable, the better.

Do the exercises as often as possible, but if you can give at least 20 min every day, yes every day, that should be fine. Getting into the habit of doing it regularly is part of the process. If you can only spare 10 minutes every, that’s better than say, an hour once a week. Get yourself in the mode of every day without exception, because that’s how habits can be formed. Once you’re clear on what you want to manifest, you can choose the following Law of Attraction exercises.


Vision Boards


This is one of those Law of Attraction exercises that acts as a reminder. Have a picture of what it is you’re working towards and look at it often. It may be a new car or a house, whatever it is, find a picture to look at often.

You don’t necessarily need an actual board for the picture, you might want to set it as the wallpaper on your laptop or your smartphone. As long as you can see it often, that’s what matters. Spend some time looking at it and sense the feelings you get from imagining you physically already have it.

Of course, the vision board won’t make your goals happen, it will keep reminding you of how good it feels when you get what you want. Looking at the picture can increase your will to go after the goal, it puts you in the mindset to go for what you’re after. As with any of the exercises, it’s you that takes the action and it’s you that makes it happen, the vision board is just giving you a little push!




Visualizing is one of the more popular exercises because it’s easy to do. You can do it anywhere while doing almost anything, but it’s better if you can find a quiet place to concentrate. Scientists at London’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the Institute of Neurology found people who visualize a better future are more likely to be able to bring it into reality.

All you do is to draw up images in your mind of what it is you want to bring about. See yourself as having achieved a result. It’s very important that you see it as having been achieved already. Remember, your subconscious can’t distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t. If you visualize as achieving in the future, you’re emphasizing that you don’t have it now and that’s what the subconscious will pick up on.

When you visualize, you’re exercising your mind to get used to seeing images and if they’re of having got what you want, you’re creating a positive situation. It can help to change your focus and lead you to take the necessary action to move you towards your goal.




These are easier to do than visualizing. An affirmation is a short and precise positive statement about your goal. They shouldn’t be too long because you want them to be easily memorable and simple to impress on the subconscious.

Like visualizing, affirmations should always be worded as having already been achieved. For example, you might say, “I am enjoying the changes I am making in my life”, rather than, “I am looking forward to making changes in my life”. The first one is all about now and the second one is about what you don’t yet have. There’s nothing set to how many times to repeat affirmations, but for around 5 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day is good.

Repetition is key to affirmations. Repeating them over and over during your exercise period will impress the statement into the subconscious. Usually after around 60 days, your statement will become a part of you. It will encourage you to take the kind of actions which will help to bring it about. The good thing about affirmations is that you can do them anywhere while doing anything because they don’t need too much concentration.


Affirmations with Emotion


Although affirmations can make a huge difference to your state of mind, there is a way to make them very powerful. Using emotion is a simple, yet very effective method. You can do this in a couple of ways.

The first is to include positive emotional words in your affirmation. For example, I really love… rather than, I like… is more powerful because “love” has far more feeling attached to it than “like”. Use “feeling words” where you can because when you say them, they will invoke a feeling which the subconscious will pick up on.

The second is to create the feelings you’ll get when your goal is reached. The affirmation is worded in a way to state the goal is already achieved and you add the emotion of how it feels to having achieved it. Combining both amplifies the vibration and message to the subconscious.


Affirmations with Emotion and Visualization Together


This is how you can really skyrocket working with the power of your subconscious mind. Affirmations with emotion attached are powerful in themselves, but if you include pictures, you’re presenting your subconscious with a whole package.

In some ways, it’s as if you’re compiling a home movie of what has happened to you and how it feels. Then you put the movie onto repeat mode and immerse yourself into it. Your subconscious can see and feel it, which becomes a clear and strong message.

It’s fine to include statements which haven’t materialised yet, stating they have. As you know, the subconscious doesn’t judge, instead it responds to what’s fed to it. To emphasize this, when you watch a sad movie, you know it’s not real, but you still feel sad and may cry. You’re responding as if it is real. With repetition of your new and believable home movie, this is how you can create a new reality by mixing different Law of Attraction exercises together.