Money Blocks and How to Deal With Them for Abundance

Money Blocks and How to Deal with Them

Why does it seem as though the main reason people seek out the law of attraction or how they can manifest, comes down to cash? Most of us would love to have more of it but often have a problem with getting it. The answer could be to look at our money blocks and how to deal with them.

Not everyone has these blocks, but they are very common and can prevent us from enjoying abundance, which is our right. Yes, we’re all entitled to it, there’s plenty, it’s all around us and some of it is rightfully ours.

Of course, abundance is not just about money, but that’s what most people think. It’s easy to forget that we might already be abundant in many ways. For example, with love, health or even opportunities. We should make ourselves aware of these, because it’s easy to overlook them when our focus is on money alone.

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Releasing Money Blocks


If you want to release them, you first need to find out what they are. They may vary for each of us, but it usually comes down to just a few things. An exercise to help, is to write down any thoughts you have about money. Do you think it’s good or bad? Does it frighten you? That might sound odd, but it really isn’t.

Having a lot of money can bring extra responsibility, that might scare you, or you may feel you’re not worthy of having it. Then there’s the fear of losing it. That’s a good one – some people find it easy to accumulate money, but fear losing it, so don’t spend much of it.

I know of a man who spent his life working hard and saving hard. He had a reasonably good lifestyle, but was always very careful with his money and never spent much of it. When he died, he had a lot of cash in the bank. What a waste, his fear of lack meant he hoarded his money and never got to enjoy it.

Once you realize your thoughts and beliefs, you can tackle releasing the money blocks. This will make it easier to train your subconscious mind to attract wealth. Once you’ve trained your mind to believe you deserve it and can have it, things should slowly start to shift.


Money Blocks and Breakthroughs


I’m sure you realize that common money blocks are usually not just about cash. They go deeper than that and are often about feelings about abundance in general, as mentioned earlier. If you don’t believe you’re surrounded by abundance, how can you ever be in a position to have any yourself?

The aim should be to clear abundance blocks, rather than it being just about money. Of course, if you have negative beliefs about money, they need to be worked on. Look at your beliefs on abundance generally. Do you shy away from things because you there’s a lack of it or you don’t deserve to have any?

When I looked at myself, I found that when I bought a new item of clothing that I really liked, I didn’t wear it that often. Is this because I didn’t want to wear it out or believed I need to keep it for only very special occasions? One thing’s for sure, I was preventing myself from enjoying it. It’s the same for kids who keep toys in their box and don’t get them out to play with, for fear of ruining them.

We’ve learnt to do this, it’s a belief that’s been planted into our subconscious mind and it’s probably applied to our belief s about money too. Yes, there are some who spend, spend, spend, but we’re not talking about them!


Clearing Money Blocks


If you’re really interested in manifesting money, it comes down to your beliefs and attitude towards it. You have to become the person that naturally attract it. To get you started, here’s a list of things you might want to begin working on:-

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of being rejected or ridiculed
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of growth
  • Fear of failure

These are just some of the things that hold us back. You should work out what your future is going to be and believe it. Acknowledge any resistance to change you may have, work on any doubts, indecision or feeling stuck. It’s about becoming the person you want to be, and only then can you begin to clear money blocks.

Once you understand it isn’t really about the money, it’s about you. Small changes will cause ripples, which will lead to new understanding and beliefs. Money blocks won’t just go away, but at least if you know why you have them, you’ll find a way to unblock them.