Reprogram Your Mind: Positive Thinking for Success.

Reprogram Your Mind: Positive Thinking For Success

Are you in control of yourself? There’s a good chance that you’re not. “Don’t be silly”, you say, “Of course I’m in control of myself.” Well, look a little more closely at yourself and ask, am I happy at where I am and what I’m doing, do I feel good about myself, or do I think things could be better? You are in control, but it might not be the control you really want. You can reprogram your mind to make changes if you want to.

It might be the case that life is great for you, everything is perfect and nothing could be made better than it already is. If that’s how it is, good for you, enjoy it as much as you can. I’m sorry to say, that for most people, those last two sentences don’t ring true.

Most of us go through life wanting what we haven’t got or not achieving what we want to. We’re happy with our lot, but wish it had been different. Whose fault is that? Don’t look anywhere, other than in the mirror for the answer. Of course, some people have been dealt a bad deal in their life which is outside their control, but usually, at least something can be done about it.


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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind


In our article, How to Think Positive and Stay Happy, it explained how our feelings are the effect of our thoughts and it’s these which cause us to take particular actions. This means that it’s quite possible if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you’ll feel bad and might not take the best actions for yourself.

As you know, our thoughts and beliefs have been planted in our subconscious mind since early childhood and are fairly well set. Reprogramming your subconscious mind is possible, but you have to work at it with your conscious mind. I’m sure you’ve heard of the book, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. He was a minister of the Reformed Church in America and believed positive thinking could be used to overcome defeat and achieve a better life.

His theories were based around religious beliefs, so his writing wasn’t so much about gaining wealth and riches, but more about having faith in the outcome from being positive. To reprogram your mind, you should start with the conscious part. You can think positive thoughts in the here and now, repeating them and keeping them in check, which sends powerful messages to your subconscious.

This is how you form new habits and beliefs, believing and repeating, then taking positive actions. Programming the subconscious mind techniques are simple but they do take concentration and constantly being aware of conscious thoughts. You’re in control, so keep yourself in check on a positive track.


How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success


So, you know how to reprogram your mind for positive thinking, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be successful in getting or achieving what you want. That can only flow from the actions you take.

If you work on thinking positively, it surely must follow, that your resulting actions from that way of thinking, will help to set you on the road to success. The big “BUT” here though, is that you must keep at it. Not easy, but it’s how to reprogram your mind for success. Know it’s on the way and keep going.

This thought process is summed up so well in the children’s story of the Little Engine That Could. Burl Ives sang a song about it many years ago. Take a couple of minutes to listen to the words, it’s a great story of the power of being positive and believing you can do something.



You Can Do It


Call it mind reprogramming psychology if you wish, but it’s really very simple. All it requires, is for you to take control of yourself. Yes, I know I said you’re already in control, but it’s realizing your thoughts and beliefs may be outdated and not appropriate to now.

I remember when I was young, I read one of my school reports and the PE teacher had written, “Has trouble kicking a ball.” He was right, but ever since I read that, I’ve believed I can’t kick a ball and strangely enough, I can’t. I’m not bothered about it now, I’ve no interest in kicking a ball. I certainly don’t blame the teacher for me having that belief, but I could have done something about it if I’d wanted to. Isn’t it funny how some things stick with you?

Change your thoughts and you change your world said Norman Vincent Peale, and he was right. There isn’t a knight in shining armour who’s coming to rescue you, it’s down to you, just stay positive and you’ll start to reprogram your mind. Bit by bit there will be small changes and you’ll know you really are in control.