The Law of Attraction Explained (UNDERSTAND IT)

The Law of Attraction Explained

You might think that it’s easy to get the Law of Attraction explained in an easy to understand way, but it isn’t. The reason for this is that it’s often misunderstood and also gets misinterpreted. Could this mean it’s a wishy-washy “law” that doesn’t mean much? Not at all, as far as I’m concerned.

The reason why so many people think it’s BS is because it gets explained in a simplistic, basic form that’s not really associated with reality. The common explanation is to think about what you want, believe you can have it and act as if you have it now, then it will magically turn up in your life. If only!

The Law of Attraction is real, but it’s not a magical formula. When you get to understand how it works, it makes absolute sense. You won’t have to think that some people believe a mysterious force from above comes into play to deliver whatever has been wished for. That really would be BS!


law of attraction Explained

The Law of Attraction Explained in Simple Steps


The steps that follow are my own interpretation to explain the LOA. They come from my own experience and beliefs, but I’m sure will be different to the way some others see it. As previously written, there are two main steps to getting what you want, but there are other steps to take as well.

Know What You Want – it’s very important to know exactly what you want, you need to be completely clear on it. For example, if you’d like a new car – what type and model would it be? What color and engine size? Would it be a manual transmission or automatic?

Having as many details as possible will make it easier to “see” your desire, so you can focus on it. The detail makes it into a real thing in your mind. If you don’t know exactly what you really, really want, how can you know when you have it?

Work on Yourself – you are the person who is going to make this happen, so you need to get your mindset ready to do so. If you are wanting a new car but can’t drive, then you’d better start taking some lessons. If you want to be a top athlete, but aren’t very fit, you’d better join a gym and start training.

It’s about being ready to receive what you want, to believe you can get it and to have the confidence that you will. If you don’t align your thoughts and beliefs with your goal, it’s unlikely to ever arrive because failing to do so is ensuring things will stay the same.

Train Your Mind – use tools such as visualizing, affirmations, being positive and removing negatives. These “tools” in themselves won’t bring to you what you’re after, but they will contribute to you getting the right mindset so you take some action to go after your goal.

Thoughts, like anything else in the universe, create a vibration. Vibrations with emotion attached are stronger – there’s a big difference to the feeling you get by thinking about what you want and thinking about it with the good feeling you get by imagining you have it now.

Emotionalised thoughts are “amplified” or stronger and this helps to create your mindset. This, in turn, will affect how you act and what you do think and say. Your situation and circumstances will be determined from this. If, for example, you visualize and feel the excitement seeing yourself winning an important race, you’ll create a mindset to take the actions you need to make it happen. Yes, you’re the one that will make it happen, no one or nothing else is going to do it for you.

Situations and Circumstances – Your mindset and attitudes will create where you are. If you believe you can or can’t do something, you’ll make decisions based on those beliefs, which will affect your situation. You’re choosing the road to travel down, so make sure it’s the right one.

We’ve all had situations we weren’t happy with at the time, but look back and are pleased it happened, otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are today. We often say that things happen for a reason, but it’s us that create these “things”.

Action Action Action – without taking action, you won’t reach your goal. This is the part of the process that that is often misunderstood. You take action, you make it happen. By working on yourself, training your mind and creating your situation and circumstances, you put yourself into the position where you can take the right actions to move towards what you want. Don’t expect it to just come to you because it won’t.

If you’re after a promotion at work, after doing what’s already been mentioned, you might start studying what you need to do to be in with a chance. Do you need to take a course, read books, ask for advice or even be seen with the right people? It’s the actions you take that will determine your outcome – it’s down to you.


The Law of Attraction Explained by Celebrities


The video below is inspirational and worth watching. It shows the Law of Attraction explained by celebrities. It doesn’t mention the most important part of the process – taking action, but it does demonstrate how it works.

Final Thoughts


There are some other things to consider in the whole process. We can’t be positive 100% of the time because that’s not natural, so don’t feel bad if you feel bad. Recognise it, learn from it and may take some alternative action. Things won’t always go as we want them to, so adjust and adapt.

As much as you need to have an incredibly strong desire for what it is you want, you need to also let it go. Have faith and be grateful that by taking the actions you do, you’re moving towards your goal. Gratitude is an important part of it.

By having the Law of Attraction explained, it should hopefully help to demonstrate that it’s only a process which happens from what’s within you and the actions you take. At the end of the day, it’s all down to you!