True Happiness in Life (How to Feel Really Happy)

True Happiness in Life

We all want to be happy in our lives, but unfortunately it isn’t possible to feel it all of the time. Wouldn’t it be good if we could? There wouldn’t be any need for sadness and we’d be living in a perfect little world. Meanwhile, back to reality! True happiness in life isn’t about always feeling the same way, because that’s near impossible.

Carole King recorded a song on her City Streets album called “Ain’t That the Way”. The first few lines are: Ain’t that the way, whenever you think you’ve got it made, everything changes on you, ain’t that the way. It’s a great song, which relates to life.

As we go through life, things happen, and we then face challenges which might make us unhappy. Despite this, things normally turn out OK and we find a new happiness. We naturally know when we are happy, it’s a feeling we easily recognize. We also know when we’re not happy!



What is True Happiness in Life?


Firstly, what is your definition of happiness? Can you define true happiness in life? The events and things that bring on these feelings are different for everyone, but the end results are the same. Research shows that if we’re happy in one area of our life, it improves in other aspects of our life. Because it’s a positive emotion, it comes with many benefits for us.

Happy people are usually healthier, they don’t get ill very often and tend to live longer. They have better relationships, are more productive at work and are more generous. In addition to this, when you’re happy, you are more creative and suffer less stress. Happiness has a lot going for it!

Where does true happiness come from? It has a lot to do with peace of mind. If you’re experiencing peace of mind, it must follow that you’re also feeling happy. You have a deep inner feeling of well-being. When you have true happiness it’s with you most of the time and doesn’t come and go along with different circumstances as they happen to you. Even if you’re truly happy, from time to time you will feel negative emotions such as fear, anger or sadness, but you’ll see these as separate from your core happiness.


Where Does True Happiness Come From?


It might sound obvious, but true happiness comes from within. True happiness is to enjoy the present without anxious dependence upon the future. If it’s coming from within you, this is where to start. It shouldn’t be about what you have, but who and what you are. Possessions might give you some happiness, but they can’t replace the true happiness of being you.

A common trait is to believe you’ll be happy when you get or achieve something in particular. The problem is, because you don’t have it now, you must be unhappy. There lies the problem, the focus is on being unhappy and that vibration you send out, will bring more of it back to you.

For the moment, forget about material things and concentrate on finding happiness within yourself. If you put your mind to it, you’ll be able to think of many good things about yourself. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, each is an important part of you. This is about changing the way you think, by shifting into the positive. Identify what you like about you, what you’ve achieved and dismiss what you believe others might think about you.


Happiness Techniques


So, we know that material things may make us feel good but don’t bring true happiness. Material things come and go, so they are mostly temporary. That doesn’t mean they are bad, it’s just that they’re not the key to true happiness. It’s very difficult to force how you feel, but there are some things you can do to help improve it.

You are in control of your feelings if you want to be, you choose how you feel. That’s a very big statement and you must accept it because it’s true. When you have sad thoughts, replace them with happy ones – you control your mind, not it you. Your energy and vibration will be reflected by your thoughts so why wouldn’t you think happy ones? Your thoughts will bring change.

Watch your language, and by that, I mean the words you use. Keep a check on yourself, replacing negative words with positive ones. It’s so easy to use negative language without realizing it, so consciously listening to what you say, will make a difference. Wear a smile on your face, not a false grin, but a natural smile. Smiling will make you feel different, try it now, it’s hard to feel negative when you’re smiling! Only listen to uplifting music, keep the sad stuff away for the time being. Happy music will lift your spirits.


Finding Happiness in Life


Once you begin to focus on being happy and using techniques to help, you’re sending positive thoughts to your subconscious. The fact you’re taking these steps is reason enough to feel good about yourself and help with your path to happiness. We all know at least one person who always seems happy, they emit a positive vibe and we can feel it. This is their vibration being sent out to the universe. Have you noticed how they always seem popular? They’re attracting back what they’re sending out.

Using affirmations and visualization techniques can help with finding happiness in life. They give focus and their repetition imprints onto the subconscious mind, but it’s what you feel inside that makes the difference. If you have difficulty how to determine happiness from within, there’s one technique that can give it a real boost. That technique is, practising gratitude.

Identifying things in your life you are grateful for can only lift your spirits. It doesn’t matter how great or small they are, feeling gratitude will put your focus on what’s good in your life. This is how you can find the feeling from within. Once you do that, you’re on your way to understanding true happiness in life. You’ll see that material things can make you feel good, but it’s not really genuine happiness. When you reach this point, your life will be open to positive opportunities and changes can happen.