How to Make Changes in Your Life (WITH SMALL STEPS)

How to Make Changes in Your Life

First, let me state that there is no secret about how to make changes in your life. It’s something we can all do and what’s more, we know how to, if we really think about it. This article is a follow on from Change Your Thoughts and Change Your World. The idea to write it came to me in a strange way.

This morning I happened to read my horoscope on and it said: “What can you do if you want to change the world? Change yourself of course! It needn’t be a monumental shift either. Just altering the way you respond will start the ball rolling. Or change how you feel about one of your preconceptions or biases. Or the idea you have about things working out in a certain way. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you change something. When you show the world you’re ready to make positive changes you give it room to provide you with some.”

Now that’s the kind of horoscope I like to read because it’s saying something practical and, more importantly, actionable. We go through life with many intentions, hopes and dreams. We know they might require us to make some changes, so why do we rarely do so? It’s weird that even though we know change requires us to change, we often opt to stay the same and then get frustrated. We’re a strange species! We need to know how to make changes in your life!
how to make changes in your life


The Impact of You


Change is happening all the time, nothing is constant because the universe is continually expanding. Every action causes a reaction of some kind and this creates change or growth. Try to think about yourself differently. Rather than being someone who was randomly conceived and brought into existence for a few years, see yourself as a part of the “whole”. You are a vital part of the universe, by being here, you are a tiny part of the jigsaw which makes it complete.

Have you ever tried to put a jigsaw together, only to find as you near completion that there’s one piece missing? Without that last piece, it’s imperfect and can’t be complete. That’s how I see us fitting into the universe, we are a mere speck, but a crucial one. During our time here, we do things, we say things, we affect things and we change things, no matter how small. Then, when we’ve passed on, the impact and effects of those things we’ve done, continue.

Does this mean we have a lasting impact? I think so, in fact I’d go so far as to say, it makes us continual and everlasting. If you’d never existed, the world/universe would be different. This is demonstrated beautifully in the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life where George, played by James Stewart, is having problems and so wishes he hadn’t been born. His guardian angel grants that wish and George is able to see how the world is different without him and how many lives are different because he never existed. It’s a great movie and brilliantly demonstrates the impact we all have by our very existence. Watch the trailer below it’ll make you feel good!

Knowing How to Makes Changes in Your Life Now


So now I’ve hopefully convinced you how much of an important, although small, cog you are, in the functioning of our universe. Your existence causes tiny ripples or vibrations which lead to outcomes that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t exist. If you accept this as true, then you’ll see how you’re already making changes in your world. It must surely follow that if you’re able to make these changes, you can make some to yourself.

When you look at it this way, perhaps making changes doesn’t seem such a big deal. A little twist, turn, shift or tweak might not appear important, but it will alter those ripples (vibrations). It’s likely that you won’t even notice any differences, but in the future when you look back, they’ll be evident. This is a bit of a holistic way of viewing life, but if you can change the universe, you can certainly change yourself.

Before taking steps to change your life, you should decide in which areas you need to change. For example, if you seem to always end up in bad relationships that make you unhappy, why is this? Chances are, it won’t be that you’re just unlucky, there will be an underlying reason. Only you can know the answer to this, but it might be that your parents had a bad relationship, so that’s all you can relate to. In this case, it’s not the bad relationship where the problem lies, it’s your beliefs about how relationships are, is what needs to change.


Why is it Difficult to Make Changes?


If making life changes isn’t that difficult, why do we often resist it? Recently, I saw an interesting sentence in an article I was reading: habits have a habit of becoming habit-forming. It’s so easy to fall into a routine, or the habit loop, as I mentioned in this article. A habit, whether good or bad, can easily become your norm and a part of who you are.

You might want to be making positive life changes, but your routines and beliefs can make it very difficult to do so. Your mind is most likely saying to you, “Let’s just keep things as they are, you’re more comfortable and safer with what you know. Why rock the boat and take risks when it’s easier not to?” Tempting isn’t it? Unfortunately, we often give in to these thoughts and continue doing things the same, still getting the same old results in our safe and comfortable world.

The thoughts which prevent changes are yours, but it’s the subconscious mind that acts on putting these thoughts into action. It’s doing as its instructed by the thoughts you put into it. This is how things stay the same and you don’t necessarily realise that you’re the cause of it. As a result, you blame anything and everything other than yourself. “I’m always unlucky, nothing ever goes my way, the world has got it in for me, no one likes me, I’m useless, others want me to fail.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, change the record please! Want to see where the answer lies? Well, take a look in the mirror and you’ll see it.


Ways to Change Your Life


Without trying to sound obvious, when you start to make changes, however small, your life will change. The world around you will change and this is your affect on the universe. There are many ways to change your life, but you must believe that you have the power to make the changes. There’s no point trying to instigate change if you’re not convinced you have the power to do so. Work on this with tools such as affirmations, visualisation or meditation. Whatever works best for you, but it’s crucial that you truly believe that you have the power to make changes in your life.

Once you’ve mastered that belief, continue using the mind tools that work for you and also consider the following steps:

  • Write down the change. What do you want to change and why? You need to be very clear on this and formulate a plan which you will stick to. Build into the plan small steps that aren’t too difficult to take but will keep you on course to that ultimate change.
  • Kick out negativity. While it isn’t possible to positive 100% of the time, remember your thoughts can become your reality. Just by being aware of what you’re thinking, so you know when your thoughts are negative, is important. When a negative thought come to you, change it immediately with a positive one. It’s a simple exercise but can produce good results.
  • Acknowledge your successes. This isn’t being conceited, it helps to build your confidence. Spend a few minutes, every day if you can, listing and thinking about everything that’s good and successful about you. You’ll be amazed at how much you come up with and how good it makes you feel.
  • Practice gratitude. It’s one of the positive things to do daily. Acknowledging what you’re grateful for will give you a lift and you’ll see how much good there is in your life.
  • Take it slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t give yourself a hard time. You’re human, accept there might be some setbacks and you’ll deal with them, just keep your eye on the prize – that change in your life.


You Are the Source to Change


We can read about many people who have made a difference, but the truth is, we all have. Maybe not in such a big or recognised way, but the differences are there to see. You have an effect on what happens, you are important.

When you understand the difference you make, you’ll probably realise it can affect many people. Doesn’t this give you a responsibility to do the best you can? If that requires change, should you make it? Can you see how crucial you are, you, that little piece of the jigsaw of the universe?

You already know how to make changes in your life, because you make them all the time. Work on changes that will help you, for they will help others too without you even thinking about it. Be aware of your power to change.