Law of Attraction Money Tips to Become a Money Magnet

Law of Attraction Money Tips: Ways to Attract Money

It’s probably not surprising that money and the Law of Attraction seem to go together. Most of us would like a bit more cash in our bank account because it makes us feel more secure, but is that the reality? A few Law of Attraction money tips might help here if you want to manifest using by the subconscious mind.

Having enough cash with a little extra on top makes life easier, but it doesn’t necessarily make us more secure. The old saying, “easy come, easy go” is so true. I’m sure you’ve read about people who have come into a lot of money but end up penniless in a short space of time. So, what’s the problem?


law of attraction money tips to attract wealth


Money and the Law of Attraction


Do you love money? Of course you do, I know I do! The problem is that most of us are programmed to see it as a bad thing. No matter how much you think you love it, money is still the “root of all evil”. This saying is ingrained into most of us and it goes back to the Bible when the apostle Paul wrote, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”.

It’s important to note that he actually wrote that it’s the love of money and not money itself. He also said that it’s a root to all kinds of evil and not that it’s the root of all evil. Two subtle but convenient changes over time which make a big difference to the meaning.

Money is not evil, it’s a piece of paper or lump of metal, how on earth can it be something bad? What can be bad, is our attitude towards it. If you really do think it’s bad, I’ll tell you what, your subconscious mind will do its best to keep it away from you. If you want to know how to apply the Law of Attraction for money, you’d better change your attitude towards it.


How to Attract Money


Perhaps, best of all the wealth attraction tips is to be aware of any negative beliefs about it and change them into positive ones. You can do this by keeping a check on what you think in your conscious mind and how you speak about it. Positive thoughts in the conscious and words spoken out loud will send a direct message to the subconscious which, over time, will alter your attitude.

Just this small change will help to set the Law of Attraction money magnet into operation. Once you see money as good, you open the channel to let it flow. A money attraction mantra can also help. This is a positive affirmation that you repeat continuously, either out loud or to yourself, for at least ten minutes every day. This change with the power of thought works for any manifesting.

By sending this repeated affirmation from the conscious mind, the subconscious will pick it up and set about bringing it into reality. Now you need to be realistic, but clear with these instructions. There’s no point in repeating something like, “I’m going to win the lottery”, because it’s not likely to happen. Instead, something like, “I can see abundance everywhere and am ready and willing to receive money”.

The second of these affirmations is better to tap into the Law of Attraction for money because it recognizes you are aware there is plenty of abundance in the world and you are ready and happy for some to flow to you. There’s no magic in this, you are creating a positive mindset so that you put yourself into a position to take some action to make it happen.  You’re starting up a chain reaction.


Law of Attraction Money Tips and Success Stories


Once you start to get into this, it’s quite likely you’ll begin to come across more and more people who have Law of Attraction success stories. People don’t often talk about it and many of them don’t even know that they’ve done it, they just think it’s luck or coincidence. Believe me, there’s usually some serious tapping into the universal laws here!

Think about your life, has been a time when you really needed something, not necessarily cash? What was the outcome? Did you get what you wanted? If not, have you thought deeply about why not? Did you have enough desire for it, did you really believe you could get it and did you devote time and take some action to bring it about?

More often than not, when you dig deep, you find reasons why it didn’t materialize and sometimes you discover you’d actually programmed your mind not receive it, or to get something else instead. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, we can all think of a time when we really wanted something, but didn’t get it, only to be grateful at a later date, otherwise we wouldn’t have what we have now.


Feel and Believe


There are plenty of ways to attract money, but first and foremost, the most important of the Law of Attraction money tips is that you must see it a good thing and be happy for those who already have it. Never be jealous or resentful, because it will reinforce the “money is evil” belief. Know what you want, use affirmations, pictures and anything else to send the message to your subconscious. Believe, see and feel yourself receiving. The way is then clear for you to take the correct action to start the chain of events towards abundance.