Manifesting Using Your Subconscious Mind (THE POWER OF THOUGHT)

Manifesting Using Your Subconscious Mind (THE POWER OF THOUGHT)

All of us have things we’d like to change or bring about to make our life better or easier. If only we could make a wish and it happened. Unfortunately, there’s no magic genie, or is there? Is it possible for you to manifest your desires into reality? Manifesting using your subconscious mind to bring things into physical being is possible, but there’s more to it than just thinking.

In order to manifest something, you have to go through a process which includes thoughts and taking action. You are in control, you make it happen or not happen. Universal laws are there to help you, but you need to understand them or they can have the opposite effect to what you want. Your actions are both essential and crucial in this process.

It’s very important that you believe that this can happen. There’s no room for scepticism because any doubts will destroy the possibility of you manifesting your desires. It’s about staying positive, no matter what. You’re either in or out, whichever you choose is fine. Here at iSharedThat we have a guide to help you understand the concept, so read on!

What is Manifesting?


The Cambridge Dictionary says “manifest” means something that becomes clear through signs or action. The word is derived from the Latin manifestus and is thought to have originated around the mid 16th to 17th century when it was taken from the Italian, “manifesto”, denoting a manifestation.

To manifest, is to bring something about, and manifesting is the procedure you go through to make it happen. It is a “power” which is within you and it can be used in any way you want. The problem is, most of us don’t realise we have the ability to manifest because we’re not taught how to do it.

Sometimes we do it without knowing we’ve done it. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing, so we should take time to study it. By learning about the power of manifestation, we can work with it to benefit us rather than causing it to respond to our negative thoughts. There are a few manifestation techniques, you may be more comfortable with some than others, it’s almost a secret to getting what you want in life.


Universal Laws


universal laws

Universal laws are natural laws or laws of nature, they are constant and cannot change. They are the root to our existence and apply to everything, without exception. Although referred to as laws, they are better described as principles and there are many of them, but there are 12 immutable universal laws.


Divine Oneness

Everything is connected, what is thought, said, done and believed will have an effect on others and the universe. Think about it, if you say something to someone, you might change their beliefs or affect their mood. This might have a knock-on effect to how they treat other people, who in turn are also affected and so it spreads.

When you really think about this law, it tells you how important we are to the continued growth of the universe. Because of our existence, we each have a duty to positively align with everything because we are connected to everything. It is a part of us and we are a part of it.



Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency. It’s not just the physical things, our thoughts, feelings and desires also cause vibrations. Energy is what makes up the universe, the speed and frequency at which things such as a rock or building vibrate, make them seem separate to us, but everything is connected at the lowest level of vibration.

The way you talk, think and act causes energy vibrations. You have the choice whether you create positive or negative energy. Whichever it is will affect how others react to you and this is what is meant by the term “like attracting like”.



In order to manifest anything into our life, we must take action. Our words, thoughts, dreams or emotions are not enough, they should guide you towards the action you need to take.

This law cannot be ignored when it comes to manifesting. Those who say they have tried and it doesn’t work for them have usually overlooked this important step. Nothing can change without action of some kind.



Our physical world of energy, light, vibration and motion, governed by principles of physics, have corresponding principles within the universe. It’s often said our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. For example, if you’re feeling really happy, it has an impact on how you act, perform and treat others.

This law shows how you have control over your world and how it treats you. Only you have real control of your inner world. You may think that others do, but they don’t. If they have, it’s because you’ve given them that control. You can take it back if you want to.


Cause and Effect

Nothing happens by chance, every action we take (the cause) will have a consequence (the effect). This is probably one of the 12 laws that’s easiest to understand. If you cause yourself to put your hand in a fire, the effect will be to get burned. We reap what we’ve sown!

This law is saying that everything we think say or do creates an energy. That energy will have a consequence, making it important that we realise we must take responsibility for it.



This is similar to the law of cause and effect, but is more to do with blessings and abundance, you get back what you give to others. If you smile at someone, you’ll feel good and hopefully, so will the other person. This energy will then spread, but it can work the other way. If you’re miserable and in a bad mood, it can bring those around you down too.

The law of compensation shows the visible effects of actions we have taken. These can be through either direct or indirect actions. It can be in the form of gifts, money or friendships.



Most of us already know about this law, it’s been widely written about and is to do with attracting similar energies or vibrations to those we are giving out. What we think, feel and say, together with our actions, sends out energy and vibrations at different frequencies. These attract like energies and vibrations back to us.

The subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate between low (negative) or high (positive) vibrations of energy, it works to deliver what we send out. It will try to create what we concentrate on, even if it’s something we don’t want.


Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Nothing in the universe is standing still, there is continual motion through vibration. Because of this, energy will keep moving from one form to another. Everything is constantly changing and we can tap into this energy, making it into any form we want. Higher vibrations will always dominate lower ones, so by focusing on the higher ones (positive), we can change our world for the better.

This law means that we have control if we take advantage of the ever changing energy. Because it is changing, by focusing on the higher vibrations, it’s possible to bring about changes for the better.



Everything in our world is only real because of how its related or compared to something else. For example, hot and cold, good and bad or positive and negative. One can’t exist without the other. If there was no cold in our world, how could hot exist, how would we know what hot was? Everything is relative to something else. When we have problems, there’s always someone with worse problems. Relativity gives perspective.

It is a law that helps us to solve problems. Every one of them is solvable, but they are a sort of test for us. We’re able to use the relativity to find the solution we are looking for.



Everything has an opposite, near and far, left and right, strong and weak etc. If the distance from A to B is 10 feet, then from B to A must also be 10 feet, that is to say, opposites are equal. Two opposites are extremes of the same thing, it’s not possible to say where one ends and the other begins. By understanding this, it’s possible to change your polarity. You can do this by keeping a balance, focus and detachment from distractions.

By using the polarity theory, any negative thoughts can be counteracted by thinking positive thoughts. They are both a continuum of each other and by giving focus to the positive, it will become dominant.



As already stated, everything vibrates in patterns, these are cycles of development. This can be seen in many forms, such as the seasons, our relationships, health and the ups and downs of our economy. We all have highs and lows in our life, but can choose what we think. If we concentrate on positive thoughts, even in bad times, it will help to move us towards better times.

You must understand that the vibrations of energy in our universe each have a pattern to them. This pattern is their rhythm and it is constant. Because it doesn’t change, by finding and tapping into what we recognise as positive rhythm, we can make things better.



Everything in the universe has masculine and feminine within. Creation of anything requires a coming together of male and female energies. The word gender is derived from Latin, meaning to create, generate or produce. This law says that everything needs time to grow, like seeds in the ground or a baby in the womb. Our hopes and dreams are similar, they rarely happen instantly, we have to tend to them, nurture them and help them to develop.

There must be a balance between the masculine and feminine within us. We need this balance to be able to connect or align with the universe, our source, or some may say our god, to be a true part of it.


What is the Subconscious Mind?


human conscious

Sigmund Freud said there are three levels to our mind, conscious, pre-conscious or subconscious and unconscious. It’s important not to confuse the subconscious mind with the unconscious mind because often when people refer to the subconscious, they’re really talking about the unconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is where you’re aware of what’s going on outside and inside you right now. You’re aware of your environment and your current thinking. You control it, can take actions and make decisions. It processes information sent by your senses and keeps you aware.

The subconscious mind, which Freud identified as the pre-conscious, is the part of the mind where accessible memories are stored. For example, you may have learned to drive a car many years ago, but can still do it without thinking about it. I’m sure you’ve driven somewhere and when you arrive, don’t remember the journey. These memories don’t need to be brought into consciousness in order to use them.

Then there’s the unconscious mind, which is difficult to access. It’s where everything we have learnt and experienced is stored. Although we can’t remember most of what’s in there, it has shaped our life since early childhood. They form beliefs and patterns which drive our behavior.

These beliefs and patterns are so deeply entrenched in our unconscious mind, that they make up who we are and it isn’t easy to change them. Freud believed that psychological problems could be helped by using techniques to bring them from the unconscious mind into conscious awareness where they could be dealt with.

Of course, many experts disagreed with Freud’s theory on the mind, but one took it a stage further. Carl Yung, the Swiss psychiatrist believed the unconscious mind is made up of two parts, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious.

He believed the collective unconscious mind contains a collection of universally inherited thoughts, ideas, actions and images which affect all humans in the same way. How do we know how to breath? How does our heart know how to beat? We don’t learn these things, but we all “instinctively” know about them.

Jung believed our minds share a collective unconscious which is essential to our survival. They have come from the development and evolution of our species. This means that there is a section of our mind which is a part of a “whole” to which all mankind is connected.


Power of Thought


power of thought

Both Freud and Jung’s theories came in for criticism, but it should be remembered, as with science, psychology works with logic and what can or can’t be proven. Anything that falls outside of this is difficult to be accepted.

It’s widely accepted we have conscious and subconscious parts to our mind. The subconscious encompasses the unconscious too. The unconscious mind communicates with conscious mind via the subconscious. If we have deep rooted thoughts and beliefs that affect our life, can we change them?

They can be changed, but it isn’t easy, there’s no room for procrastination. It’s not just a case of changing our mind about something. We can do that easily in our conscious mind where we have thoughts of here and now, but to change our beliefs and perceptions deeply rooted in our persona, we have to tap into our subconscious mind power.

The power of thought is the route to change, but it takes time, attitude and commitment to reprogram your mind. It’s worth remembering the famous quote from Norman Vincent Peale: change your thoughts and change your world. You should begin with your conscious mind because it’s where you have control of thought. These thoughts will then get to the subconscious where they’re internalised and stored.


How the Subconscious Mind Works


The subconscious mind protects and helps us to get through life, it is the control center of our thoughts and actions, but it does exactly as instructed. It can only deliver what is stored within it without question or prejudice.

It nurtures and works to bring to fruition what has been instructed, which is why you have to take careful note of the instructions you send to it. Think of it in a similar way to the soil, it will nurture and grow any seed that’s planted and watered.

There’s no distinction between a seed that grows into food to sustain life or one that grows into poison that can destroy life. Each of these seeds are treated equally and helped to grow without discrimination.

This is why it’s important to send precise instructions to the subconscious and to pay attention to your thoughts in your conscious mind. The subconscious won’t discriminate between positive and negative thoughts, each will be treated and implemented equally.

I’m sure you can think of negative thoughts you’ve had or said out loud that get reinforced through actions. Things like, “I’ve never been any good at sport” or “I’m hopeless with relationships”, these types of thoughts go into the subconscious and its mind power turns it into a belief which then influences how you act. Also, think about when you might complain and the negative effects it could have on you.

Of course, it works in this way for positive thoughts too, but it’s the negative ones that need to change and here lies the difficulty. It takes time, focus and perhaps most importantly, belief. To change the way our mind is programmed needs commitment and persistence. You may find that obstacles appear that need to be overcome, but you should be aware that they might have been put there by you. They may be there to help or even divert you.

The first step is to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. This takes continual monitoring because it’s easy to slip back to the negativity as that’s what you’re used to. Positive thinking exercises such as affirmations and visualization with repetition is the key to change. The subconscious accepts what it’s being told and gradually turns thoughts into beliefs, then actions.

Don’t look on negative thoughts as something bad because they’re actually useful to us, even though you should work on changing them. They can be a sign, what are they telling you? Allow them, so you can see where you can make changes. If you focus on them or even ignore them, they’ll get bigger. Use them as a tool to create positivity. You might also want to consider what you’re grateful for as it can help towards being positive.


The Law of Attraction


As mentioned earlier, the law of attraction is probably the most known of the universal laws. It helps us to attract to us what we want. You can probably already see how the subconscious mind plays a large part of this.

Much has been written about the law of attraction, with it first appearing in print as a phrase towards the end of the 19th century. At the time it was more about health and our attitudes to it. The 20th century saw a huge growth in interest towards it and perhaps the best known book and movie about it, is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The Secret was inspired by a book published in 1910 called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. This book is about how to get rich by using the mind to send out positive vibrations to attract like vibrations of abundance back to you.

It’s a short but fascinating book about the law of attraction, before it was being widely used as a term. It explains how at the most basic level, everything on earth is made from one original substance, it’s invisible and inexhaustible. It becomes “form” and constantly develops into new form, to adapt and satisfy the needs of the earth. We are all a part of this and because there is no lack of what we need as a collective, we are rich. If a person is poor, it’s because they are not following the certain way of doing things, which makes an individual rich.

Another well-known book on the subject to come later, was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937. Although about personal development and self improvement, it’s about getting rich.

Hill’s break came when he was asked to interview the world’s richest man, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie then asked him to interview 500 millionaires to find out if there’s a formula anyone could use to get rich. The book was the result of 20 years research and although about gaining wealth, the principles in it are about improving your life in any area using the secret of attraction.

All three of these books are about using the law of attraction with various techniques to bring into your life what you want, or to put it another way, manifest your desires. There’s nothing spooky about it, the power of attraction works by using manifestation techniques. These cause you to take action to get the results you want, which you might not have done without these methods.


What is the Law of Attraction?


law of attraction for manifesting

The Law of Attraction is about having the ability to attract what you want. It’s very easy to dismiss its credibility because science can produce arguments to show that it doesn’t exist. Well let me tell you, it does exist. I’ll share some personal stories later.

A lot of people misunderstand this law of manifestation. It isn’t just a case of thinking about what you want and you’ll magically manifest your desires, or that a bit of abundance meditation will do the trick. It does involve doing these things, but there’s much more to it than that.

If you want something, you have to really, really want it. Imagine yourself being almost possessed with the desire of what you want, that’s the level to which you need to go. That doesn’t mean you have to become a freak, just that you have to be immersed in your desires. Once it’s explained, the LOA can be seen as a simple, yet powerful process.

There are many law of attraction tips, but each of them require action. Say you’re looking to attract money, doing some abundance meditation will help to give you focus. As you concentrate more and more, it will lift your mood and you’ll get the good feeling as if the money was already yours. But it won’t just arrive in your bank account.

Using creative visualization, meditation and affirmations, you’re creating a mindset, these are great tools to help manifest the cash you want. This is the power of attraction, your new mindset will bring about different subconscious thinking. Your new thoughts lead to new actions, which in turn, lead to new situations. It’s a chain reaction. Your conscious and subconscious mind work together to make this happen. The reality is, that you are creating the right situation and circumstances to go and get what you want.


Law of Attraction Stories


Now you may be thinking, this all sounds a bit far-fetched, but think about it. Has there ever been a time in your life when you wanted something so badly that it changed your life? It’s happened to me and I didn’t realize at the time that I’d tapped into the Law of Attraction, I didn’t know how to manifest, I just did it.

I wrote an article about it for the Huffington Post’s contributor platform called, Does the Law of Attraction Exist. In this article, I recount two different times that I’d used my mind power to set in motion this secret of attraction. The first example worked in my favor, but the second one didn’t. Having said that, if it had gone differently, I might not have discovered a new string to my bow and be writing this article!

My mum said to me many years ago, “Whatever you do, you always come up smelling of roses”. I don’t know why she said it and I’d not thought about it before, but it made me really think about it. I realized it was true and that it was one of the beliefs that had been implanted in me which I didn’t know I had, but it continues to work in my favor.

I remember my dad telling me that when he and mum started a family, he became obsessed with owning his own home rather than having to rent. He believed that owning a property was the route to security for his family.

He wasn’t earning enough to buy a house, but that’s what he focused on. It became his mission in life to provide for his family. He began working longer hours, then changing jobs to earn more money and eventually being able to get a mortgage.

When he was telling me this story he told me that he’d focused so much on getting a mortgage, that when at last he did so, he had no idea how he was going to make the monthly repayments. He managed to do so of course, and the house turned out to be a fantastic investment.

I believe this is an example of using subconscious mind power where dad became obsessed with providing security for his family. He believed that getting a mortgage would provide that security and having that belief he could achieve it, made him take action which brought about results. He really worked on his money blocks.

A sceptic might say that this is just a man taking up his responsibility to do all he can to look after his family. Whilst that’s true, isn’t it also the case that many people only dream about what they want, they never really believe it’s a possibility, therefore never totally commit to it or take action? Manifesting your dreams takes belief, commitment and actions. The Law of Attraction won’t improve your life, only you can do that by tapping into it. Do you realise that you create your destiny?


How to Manifest


When you read that to make this work you have to believe, visualize, meditate, create a vision board, imagine you have already achieved it, etc, it all sounds a bit “away with the fairies”, but it isn’t.

How do high achievers get to the top of their game? It all starts with a dream and a belief that dream can become a reality. Those two factors are crucial to to have before you’re able to manifest anything.

You need to be clear about what you want, detail is very important. Don’t generalise, you need to be specific. Our thoughts are powerful, they are vibrations of energy which can affect what happens to us. Our inner world (thoughts) and outer world (what happens to us) are connected.

Because what we think can affect what happens to us, we can take control of our life. The reason we’re able to do so is simple, we control our thoughts. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big revelation, but think about it, you are in control and you can bring about change.

The secret to how to manifest what you want, is to use both thoughts and emotions together. A thought with emotion becomes supercharged and this is how the magic happens. Think about what you want, but imagine you already have it and feel the emotion this creates.

It’s the emotion that feeds subconscious thinking, the powerful feelings you project, set in motion a process to make it a reality. Repetition is important in the same way as we form a habit, we create a new pattern which eventually becomes the new reality. It’s the process to manifest anything.

Reciting affirmations, creating vision boards or sticking post-it notes with our desires written on them where we can see them are some of the tools you can use to reinforce the message. It takes commitment and focus in the same way as a sports person becomes a world class champion. It takes time, a few setbacks along the way, but sticking at it and not doubting, you’ll start seeing signs showing proof it’s working. To manifest love, wealth, a house or anything else, takes belief, focus and persistence. Knowing how to manifest what you want quickly should get you results, but don’t expect them instantly. You must be patient, while continuing to believe.




Remember, your subconscious mind takes everything you send it literally, without questioning it. It’s natural to have negative thoughts and because they won’t get questioned by the subconscious, they can become a reality if not checked. You can choose your thoughts, choose positive ones. Acknowledge any negative thought but replace it with a positive one.

Concentrate on what you want, not what you don’t want. If you want to start to manifest abundance, focus on how much you’ll have and not on how much you don’t have. Don’t think, “I don’t want to be poor”, instead concentrate on how good it feels to have an abundance of cash.

The important thing is, you can’t just manifest something into your life. You need to work on yourself first, to become the person you want to be. It’s only then, that you will be able to start attracting what you want.

If you’re poor and in debt, you need to look at your beliefs that have kept you there. Work on those, change them, become a person who believes in abundance. Once your thoughts, beliefs and actions change, you begin to become that person who attracts the abundance.

It’s really important to remember that you are part of the solution or result, you’re the one that makes the manifesting happen. The magic is created by you and your thoughts and the actions resulting from them. You are the genie in the bottle!

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