Lessons Learned (What Life Experience Teaches Us)

Lessons Learned (What Life Experience Teaches Us)

Boy there have been some lessons learned in my life, so far! It’s probably the same for you I guess. It can seem really strange what life sometimes throws at you when you’re least expecting it. How you deal with those moments is what really counts.

Most of us have at least one particular lesson we learned that impacts on us throughout our lives. For me, it is a simple one, about two chocolate soldiers, which I explained in this article. It’s usually the simpler ones that drive home an important message.

Of course, we have a choice as to whether we heed the lesson or not. We mostly do, but if we don’t, it usually comes around again at some point, to give us another chance to learn. Have you ever found yourself in the same unpleasant situation you’ve experienced before? If so, perhaps you missed a lesson the first time around.


Life Experience is a Great Tutor


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As we grow, from an early age we soon learn many valuable lessons. These are not to be confused with the things we instinctively already know, which have come from human evolution over millions of years. These are our basic instincts, which are around self-preservation, reproduction and greed.

We soon learn that it’s not a good idea to put a finger into the fire or to play with knives. We learn these types of lessons very quickly and become aware of limitations and boundaries in no uncertain terms.

Many of the lessons we learn from our life experiences help to shape us and make us into a better person and unfortunately, sometimes a worse person. We don’t always realise we’re being taught a lesson, it goes into our mind, gets stored, ready to be used when necessary.

Our mind gets bombarded with thousands of messages every day, so it’s impossible to be consciously aware of all of them. But they go in and get filed away, ready for use when they are needed.


We Impact on the Universe


Just by existing, we change the universe forever. Once we come into being, anything we do will have an impact on the world around us. The universe has no choice other than to be different when we exist, compared to if we never existed.

This is why we have a responsibility to our own existence, and that of the universe, to be the best we can. We have a duty to learn the lessons life teaches us, so our impact is of benefit to anything and everything that exists, because we are a part of it too.

Sometimes we must make changes in our lives to meet this responsibility, so that our lasting impact is a positive part of the forever developing universe. Our body will, at some point, exit the universe, but we won’t. The impact from our presence, no matter how tiny, will last for all time.

Think of it like a tree which grows over many years. Its trunk gets fatter, while the bark around it gets thicker. Its roots grow deeper, and branches grow longer. The leaves grow and in doing so, feed the tree. They eventually die and make way for new leaves which add to the continuation and growth of the tree.

Each of those leaves while living, made a difference to the existence of the tree and once done, that difference cannot be undone. The importance of every action, no matter how large or small, shouldn’t ever be underestimated, because its effects will be there forever.


Lessons Learned Make You Who You Are


Some of our personality is inherited from before we were born, but most of it is developed from what we are taught. The most important lessons for us are when we are very young and impressionable. Unfortunately, not all are to our benefit.

As we grow and experience life, we learn new things, but we should try to be aware that our reaction to these new lessons can be prejudiced by our early learnings which were outside our control. Separating our deep-rooted beliefs from new lessons to be learned, can be very difficult.

Some say that the older you get, the less likely you are to learn new lessons. I’ve found that to be the opposite for me. As we age, we tend to get set in our ways, but for me, I find myself more open to new ideas.

I put this down to life experience. The more of it you gain, the broader the picture you can see. You begin to see things differently, not in the “my way is the only way” attitude some of us had when we were younger and less experienced in life.


Why are the Hardest Lessons Usually the Best Ones?


When we suffer loss, upset or any kind of situation that causes us pain, we often come out the other side a better person. We get a perspective on life and an understanding of it. Perhaps it’s difficult to appreciate the joy of life without experiencing some pain, hurt or sadness.

Some of the most traumatic experiences leave a scar and change us in ways we’d never expected. Many difficult experiences teach us valuable lessons, which we come to be grateful for, once the pain from them subsides.

It’s important to remember that we have a choice how we react to these experiences. Easier said than done, I know. I don’t mean you can choose to be in a great mood if you lose the person who’s most important in the world to you.

You should always acknowledge your emotions and how you feel, but you really do have a choice as to how you deal with difficult situations. After a time, you look back and see what you learnt from it and perhaps, how you changed because of it.

Losing my dad a couple of years ago, made me appreciate my life and those around me much more. I’ll always be grateful to him for that. I learnt a lot from my dad.


Some Lessons I’ve Learned


None of us is the same, we learn different lessons at different times in different ways. Some of what I think are the most important lessons I’ve learned are below and in no particular order.

Be kind, or at least civil to others. It costs nothing, and you don’t always know what’s going on in their world.

What you believe will shape your reality, it’s how the Law of Attraction works.

You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) change others, if you want change in your world, change yourself.

Things might get difficult, but mostly everything turns out alright, so try to look beyond it.

Life is the ultimate gift, so stay motivated, enjoy, appreciate and make the most of it before it’s too late.

Yes, perhaps they are a bit obvious, but I can honestly say that they are lessons learned by me and, in some cases, weren’t that easy to do so. I’m sure there are many more of them to come for all of us, let’s hope we see them as adding something special to our lives.