Manifestation Meditation (Preparation to Receive NOW)

Manifestation Meditation (Preparation to Receive NOW)

It’s well-known that meditation is a way in which to relax and focus your mind. It’s been practiced for many centuries, with its origin believed to be in ancient India and later on in Taoist China. Today, there are different types, and some see it as a “fad”. There is no doubt though, that having been used for such a long time, it can have positive benefits. Practicing manifestation meditation isn’t really what it was originally used for, but it can be a powerful tool in helping you to bring about what you desire.

A study carried out by Harvard researchers found that meditation can change the brain’s grey matter after around six weeks. They said it’s possible that participants in their study didn’t feel better just because of relaxing but also because it changed their brain structure. The US National Institutes of Health says meditation may reduce blood pressure, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and depression, and insomnia.


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How Does Meditation Help Manifesting?


If you want to bring something into your life, you’ll need to be in the right frame of mind. You must be able to feel good about what it is you want and be in a positive frame of mind. In order to manifest something, you apply the Law of Attraction, which sets the vibration of like attracting like. So, if you’re having negative thoughts, you’ll attract more of them back to you. This will make it virtually impossible to get what you want.

By practicing meditation, you can calm and control your thinking to make yourself feel good. When you get into this state of mind you can create positive thoughts. You can then use your mind creatively to focus on your goal. Manifestation meditation isn’t necessarily just about concentrating on what you want to bring about, it goes beyond that. You’re framing your mind to be in the correct state for receiving.

Your mind never stops, it’s receiving and thinking all the time. Negative thoughts will come and go. That’s OK, we need some negative thoughts now and again to give us a warning or show what needs to change. It can become a problem if those thoughts begin to dominate. Meditating will help you focus on the positive and keep the negative in check. Once you mind is dominated by positive thinking, your mindset is ready to start working on what you want.


Manifestation Meditation and Focus


Focus is very important in the process of bringing something into our life. The reality is, that we often let our minds drift from one thing to another without even noticing. It’s a natural thing to do and we do it all the time. While OK, it isn’t very helpful with reaching our goals or making our desires a reality. This is where meditation can really help because it’s a practice designed to give you discipline. It will help you to control your thoughts while calming your mind.

Some people think that meditation is the same as self-hypnosis, they are similar but not the same. They both involve going into an altered state of mind, but with different outcomes. Self-hypnosis is normally practiced helping overcome a problem such as lack of confidence or to quit smoking. Meditation is about emptying the mind of thoughts to create a state of stress-free relaxation. When in this state, it’s easier to focus the mind, and with practice, to stop it wandering from thought to thought.

So, how does manifestation meditation fit into this if it’s just about being calm and having focus? The answer to this is simple: by meditating, you teach your mind to focus on one thing at a time. As you know, the mind learns through repetition, so regularly practising in this way you’ll be better equipped in having a single focus on your goals. This will also be the case when you’re not meditating. You’re going through a process of retraining your mind to hold focus in one area.


Using Meditation with Visualisation


Meditation can only be a part of the process when you want to achieve a goal. If you want to use the power of your thoughts to manifest something, meditation can help to keep your mind focused, but you’ll also need to use visualisation. You will then be able to “see” what it is you want, as if you have it now, while you’re able to stay focused on it due to your regular meditation.

Close your eyes, relax and concentrate on your breathing. Allow yourself to breathe naturally, don’t force it. Keep your focus on each breath in and out. If your mind wanders (it will), gently bring the focus back to your breathing. The more you practice, the longer you’ll be able to do this. After a while, you can begin to visualise your goal. Remember to see it as though you already have it and feel the emotion of how good it makes you feel. It should be easier to do this once you mastered the technique of meditation.

When you’ve finished the exercise, you should let it go so you’re not thinking about a goal you haven’t reached yet. If you allow your focus to be on what you don’t have, that’s the position you’ll continue to be in. Regular repetition of these exercises and then letting go, knowing it’s already yours will cause you to take any action necessary to achieve your goal. You’ll begin to notice signs that it’s going to happen as you move towards the goal.

If you’d like to use specially created music to enhance your manifestation meditation, you might find the video below very useful. Please make sure you read the instructions at the beginning.


Make Time to Meditate


Although meditation isn’t necessarily a vital part of the manifesting process or the Law of Attraction, it can make a huge difference to your state of mind. After all, aren’t you reprogramming your mind by doing this? Meditation is such a useful tool to use as the first step to making it happen.

With meditation you can begin to better understand your mind and how it works. This will give you more control and the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. A manifestation meditation is really about getting your mind into the right mindset to allow a magnificent process to occur. But remember, that’s only a small part of it. It’s what you do, the actions you take as a result of this that will see you reach that goal.