Vibrational Alignment and How to Achieve it (NOW)

Vibrational Alignment and How to Achieve it

Everything, everywhere is made up from energy, which in turn, comes from vibration. Without vibration there would be nothing. It’s hard to understand what nothing is, because if there is nothing, isn’t that something in itself? If it’s vibration which creates, it makes sense for us to seek vibrational alignment with what we want.

Vibration is everything, for example, we know that sound is vibration. The vibration is turned into sound when it reaches a diaphragm such as the ear. We hear the sound when it vibrates on our eardrum. But what happens if a tree in a forest falls, where there is no one near to receive the vibration to turn it into sound? There is certainly a vibration, but because there is no diaphragm to pick it up, is there any sound created?

There is vibration all around and within us, it is us, it’s our makeup. As Wallace Wattles explains in The Science of Getting Rich, everything in the universe is made up from one substance which vibrates and creates “form”. At the most basic level, we are all made from the same substance, created by different vibrations. If you can accept this, you’ll be able to understand how everything is connected and we are each a tiny speck of the whole, which is the universe.


vibrational alignment


What is Vibrational Alignment?


Our thoughts create vibrations which become energy in the same way we use physical energy to affect things. If you’re having negative thoughts about someone, it gets picked up and affects your relationship with them. It’s the same with everything, the energy you create from thought vibrations, will affect your world around you.

Consider various aspects of your life and whether, or not they are the way you want them to be. These are the way you made them, but is that what you want? You see, the way you think, is the way you create. It must then follow, that to change how you think, will change what you create. To achieve vibrational alignment, you should think (vibrate) positively about what you want, in a way as if it is already there.

You align your thoughts with your desires, it’s as simple as that! Well, not quite! It’s important your thought vibrations match your desires, but beliefs are important too. You must believe you can get what you want in life. Without that belief, it will never work. Vibrational alignment is the combination of belief, positive thoughts with emotion attached and consistently monitoring them. From this will come action, the right kind of action to lead you to where you want to be.


How Does Vibrational Alignment Work?


In some ways, this may seem a little wacky and far-fetched, but if you have an open mind it’s not difficult to understand. When you desire something, you should know that it is already yours. You may not physically have it yet, but think of it being there for you in a parallel world. To bring it into your physical world you must align your thoughts (vibration) to it.

If you have limiting thoughts and beliefs, you will not be able to bring it into reality. For example, if you want a new career, you might know that you’re capable of doing it, but feel you might be too old to make the change. It’s the “but” – but I’m too old, that will cause the block in aligning your vibration with what you want.

You may want to form a new relationship, you know you have the right qualities, but think your looks will go against you. Even though you know you have some of the attributes to get what you want, just one negative thought or belief will disrupt the vibrational flow. Another thing that will prevent the alignment, is focusing on what you don’t have, because you create a vibrational alignment with not having it and that’s what you get.


How to Get Vibrations into Alignment


One of the most important things is to enjoy the process, it should be fun and an enjoyable journey. Being positively focused as much as possible is very important. That won’t always be easy, especially when you think it isn’t working. These types of thoughts can send you right back to the beginning. You should give yourself at least 15 – 20 minutes every day where you focus your mind on getting what you want. This can be in the form of visualization, contemplation, meditation, affirmations etc.

Using a mix of these techniques, each for around 5 minutes daily will be a big help. You might also want to read the book Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks which sets out 22 processes for raising your vibration. Their work has many critics, but there are also many followers. Focus is probably the best word to use – keep focused on the goal, see it and believe it, but don’t dwell on it. When you know (really know) that it’s coming to you, let it go. Do this because you then don’t need to give any thought to the fact you don’t have it yet, otherwise your focus may shift to this and you know what that means!

When negative thoughts do creep in, because they will, realign your vibration, change your thoughts to where they should be. It takes effort and practice in the same way it does to strengthen your muscles. The secret is to not give up, keep believing, moving forward with your vibrational alignment to where it needs to be. By being clear in our mind with what we want, we can be amazed with what we can achieve. Remember though, it’s not only about your thought processes, because from these come the actions you take which creates your reality.