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What’s Your Jungian Archetype?

As one of the most revolutionary psychologists of his time, Carl Jung began creating a set of archetypes, known as Jungian Archetypes, which he deemed were universal roles/responses of individuals to the situation they’re in.

With that, Jung tells us that this is embedded deep within the collective unconscious. And while we may not actively choose to represent one, such ideas are present within us and are actively shaping our choices. Whether we’re aware of it or not, such psychological concepts are in play.

Given this, it is crucial to identify what is your archetype! It may help you understand beliefs you have about yourself. By having a basic idea of the 12 Jungian Archetypes, we will be able to have a better grasp of ourselves and the choices that we make.


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The 12 Jungian Archetypes


1. Altruist

Literally the kindest of the 12 archetypes, the altruist embodies selflessness. By putting others first, this archetype finds life meaningful as they can help. Such purpose leads them to lead the life of a ‘neighbor’ as they make themselves available and ready to reach out at any moment.


2. Creator

Desiring to leave a mark in the world, the Creator seeks to make something of lasting value. As such, they are at the heart of creativity itself, constantly improving themselves through their chosen craft. They believe that life can be meaningful as they cannot only actualize their thoughts but also share it with others.


3. Explorer

As a total opposite of the creator, the Explorer doesn’t seek to build anything. Instead, he/she wants to go out there and know more about the world! With that, they will literally travel endlessly, as they find life’s meaning through their adventures.


4. Warrior

Often referred to as the Hero archetype, the Warrior is someone who can muster his/her challenges in life as if it was a protagonist’s story. Mastering the value of courage and decisiveness, the Warrior can constantly improve themselves with the hope of recognition while being of use to others as well.


5. Sage

As the embodiment of knowledge itself, the sage is known to be a lifelong learner. Driving themselves even to madness just to understand the most fundamental concepts of the universe, the Sage relentlessly pursues truth. With that, they apply the concept of Socratic Ignorance or the recognition that I do not know everything, allowing them to constantly improve themselves.


6. Innocent

Dreaming the utopia, the Innocent is represented by none other than the pure child. Similar to an untainted standpoint, this archetype desires nothing but what’s best for all. As such, this makes them the most hopeful archetype, often able to move even the most hopeless of hearts.


7. Ruler

Valuing power over everything else, the ruler seeks a position. For them, they are destined to govern others by gaining the authority to do so. As such, you will often find them constantly improving themselves in almost all aspects of their lives, given that they usually seek to lead by example.


8. Outlaw

Often being able to point out what needs to be improved in a society, the outlaw is someone who constantly desires change. While they are often misunderstood as creating unnecessary conflict, the outlaw desires the good of all. It’s just that they know that for change to happen, something must be destroyed.


9. Jester

While all other archetypes seek to create or improve something, the jester only seeks to enjoy life itself. Having a unique outlook in life, they understand its inherent paradoxes such as meaning and death. With that, happiness is sought by the Jester through the laughter and humor that they bring around.


10. Lover

Similar to the jester, the lover seeks to have a meaningful existence by creating lasting relationships with the people around them. As they strive to build themselves and attract others, the lover hopes to keep such for what other things are there to live for anyway?


11. Magician

Known for its ability to transform things, the magician is often sought for their unique powers. Despite the difficult situation that people may be in, the magician will always find a way to change things. Their power of change can turn the tides of battle just as how the hero usually needs a mage to win the battle


12. Member

Being the most trustworthy archetype, the member seeks to dedicate themselves for a bigger purpose. As they know that it is better to work in groups, they will always stay true to a common goal. With that, they will also adjust and align whatever is necessary to move forward.


Which Jungian Archetype Are You?


With these, are you able to resonate with one of the archetypes? By taking tests even online, you will be able to find your closest archetype, giving you an idea of who you are. Such will allow you to fully harness the power of your archetype instead of going against its tide.

The key here is understanding and knowing more about your core, learning to use the power of your mind. As you learn more about it, you’ll also find it easier to deal with others given that you have a good grasp of who they are through their Jungian archetypes. Thus, you are able to bring not only yourself but others as well to greater heights!


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