How to Use the Power of the Mind (YOUR MIND POWER)

How to Use the Power of the Mind

You might think that you don’t need to be told how to use the power of the mind because you already know how to do it. Yes, you do know how to do it, everyone does, but we mostly do it without thinking about it or understanding it.

When we allow our mind to work on autopilot without any intervention, it can end up working against us even though it thinks it’s helping us. It might seem odd to describe your mind as something separate from you, but it helps to think of it in that way.

Of course, your mind is part of your make-up, but it has two parts (conscious and unconscious) which help to shape everything that happens to you. Because you can actively control your (conscious) mind if you choose to, it can help to think of it as separate to you, the person.


Thoughts Have Power


how to use the power of the mind


Think about it, when you think something, in your mind it is real. Physical reality and non-physical reality aren’t that far apart. They can often have the same effects. Your thoughts create a reality which, as far as your mind is concerned, exists.

If you’ve ever had to make a big decision about something, you probably ran different outcomes through your mind. Each of them probably caused you to feel differently. As you thought through each of the outcomes, you could see and feel the results like they were real. In your mind they were real.

When you hold thoughts in your mind it will affect how you feel and act. This is because you’re being influenced by the thought, as though it is reality. You are making it a reality therefore it must be a reality. This is how thoughts become things because you create a new reality from those thoughts.

If you meet someone for the first time and you don’t get a very good impression of them, it might affect your future relationship with them. That impression could be completely wrong but those are your thoughts and they will influence how you interact with that person in the future.

The power behind your thoughts, or the reality in your mind, will influence the actual reality of how you get on with that person. This is how the mind and your thoughts have power and affect every area of your life. Einstein said that mass and energy are both different manifestations of the same thing.


Thoughts are a Force


Your thoughts are a force from your mind, they are a real force, an energy. You see, before a thought exists, there is nothing. Once it comes into your mind, in other words, you create it, there is a new vibration.

The vibration is an energy which now exists. It might not exist in the physical world, but if your mind sees it as real it will affect how your feeling and how you act. This is how it can become a reality in the physical world.

When you think about it, it’s amazing how your life can be affected by something you’ve created in your mind. It can be a positive or negative thought, each of them will have the same effect at different ends of the scale.


Thoughts Work Both Ways


When you realise that what you are thinking can have an impact on your life, you should also be able to see that your thoughts can affect others too. Yes, that’s right, what’s going on in your head can affect other people.

When you’re happy, it will also rub off on those around you. If you’re in a bad mood, those around you will feel it and become angry or in a bad mood too. They may even try to avoid you.

Have you ever walked into a room where someone is feeling sad or down? You can immediately feel it, it’s like the room is full of a sad energy vibration. Others in the room are also affected by it. They may not feel sad, but it affects how they feel and act.

It’s not a good thing to admit, but I remember at a company I worked for, if I’d been out the night before and was feeling a bit sluggish and moody the following morning, my colleagues would avoid me as much as possible.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but later came to find out that it was named “avoid Steve day”! Thank goodness we all got on so well that they could let me know about it and it gave us a good laugh. The point is, that how I was thinking, and feeling was having a big affect on others and not in a good way.

Now, this kind of thing happens the other way too. Other people’s thoughts will affect you as well. The thoughts of other people will have an effect on your reality and your thoughts too. It’s a two-way street.

Your mind sends out and it receives either positive or negative thoughts going both ways in the form of vibrations and energy. This is why it’s sometimes best to consider the company you keep. You know that if you’re around a negative person it can have a negative effect on you too.


Thoughts with Emotion


Another thing to consider regarding how to use the power of your mind is that thoughts combined with emotion magnifies them. It also “magnetises” them. The Law of Attraction is based around this, in that like thoughts attract like thoughts, particularly when emotion is attached to them.

Imagine something happens that upsets you. It might be an unexpected large bill, or you lose something important. You probably begin thinking negatively about it with anger or despair.

The emotion attached to the thought amplifies it and other negative thoughts come into your mind. You know how it is: “Oh no that’s all I need, now I’m going to be short this month. I won’t be able to afford my holiday now and that’ll cause problems. I always seem to have problems.” And so it goes on.

The negative thoughts come thick and fast because thoughts that upset you attract other thoughts that upset you. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. Your mind will seek out things for you to feel negative about.

Thankfully it happens with positive thoughts in the mind as well. Just by changing what you’re thinking from a negative to a positive will change the dynamic of the thought and what goes on around you.

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where things aren’t going as you’d like them to and it’s making you feel negative. You eventually come to a point where you think, to hell with it, I’m not taking this anymore, I’m going to change it. Yes, you change your actions, but it’s your thoughts which make you do so. When you do this, nine times out of ten, things improve, including thinking more positive thoughts.


Utilising the Power of Your Mind


If you weren’t previously aware, by now you should be able to see how powerful your mind is. It’s powerful because it can have a huge effect not only on you, but on the world around you and other people too. That’s a mighty power.

So, how can you harness this power and make it work in your favour? The answer is simple, straightforward and perhaps, a bit of a let down for you. In fact, it’s obvious, because you are in control of your thoughts.

That’s it! You have control of your thoughts. I said it might be a bit of a let-down but let me explain a little more. Earlier I suggested you should see yourself as separate to your mind and if this is the case, you can choose what enters it. You are able to allow or not allow any thought entering your conscious mind.

You must believe you have the ability to do that, because it’s true. You choose what you think. If a negative thought enters your mind, you can change it by replacing it with a positive thought. It isn’t easy but with practice it gets less difficult.

When you choose positive thoughts, the out come can be beneficial. A study from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health concluded that an optimistic outlook on life may help people live longer. The benefits of thinking positive have been well-documented.

This is the fundamental part of how to use the power of the mind. You can choose what the conscious mind thinks. It might fight you, but you’re the one in control with the choice, you just need to recognise your strength. The power of the mind and thoughts you choose to think, is the answer.


A Word About the Subconscious


Choosing your thoughts is more about your conscious mind rather than the subconscious. To really tap into the power of your mind, you should work on your total mindset.

It’s very difficult to instantly change what’s in your subconscious because some of it has built over your life so far and much of it was planted by others as you were learning. It’s mostly beliefs and they can’t usually be changed instantly, it takes reprogramming of the mind to achieve this.

You may be carrying around beliefs of failure, guilt or even mistakes and they will be ingrained into your subconscious. You don’t need to allow feelings they create when they surface into your conscious mind.

Changing your deep-rooted beliefs in your subconscious takes time and effort, but the starting point can be to choose the thoughts you allow into your conscious mind. You can put any thought into your conscious mind that you want to.

It’s not only about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you can insert any thought you want to, even if it isn’t real. It doesn’t matter if the conscious mind knows it’s not real, the subconscious won’t know or question it. That, with repetition, is one way to change beliefs and it can make you feel good at the same time.


Knowing How to Use the Power of the Mind is Easy


Think of the world around you as the outer world and what’s in your mind as the inner world. Both the inner and outer worlds are connected, with one affecting the other.

We’re all too aware of the outer world and how it affects us because it’s a physical world and we tend to spend our lives reacting to it. Because we’re so busy doing this, we often overlook the fact that our inner world affects the outer.

The trick is to stop reacting to events in the outer world. Easier said than done, I know. You know you have a choice though. If something happens that disrupts your plans, you have the power to react to it, or not.

If you get upset, you are reacting and then get upset in your mind. Once this happens, those thoughts will be sent out into the outer world and can start a chain of negative events. If you choose to not react but accept what’s happened and look for a solution or an alternative, well I’m sure you can guess the rest!

Be aware of the connection between the outer and inner, but also keep in mind that they are separate from each other. By attempting to keep your conscious mind separate from the outer world, thereby limiting reacting to it all the time, you’ll be able to focus more on how your mind or inner world is affecting the outer world.

To be honest, there’s no big revelation in this, I know you’re probably thinking that, but how often have you thought about it? That’s something most of us rarely do in our busy lives.

By taking time to think about how to use the power of the mind, you’re already creating different circumstances and situations around you and everyone else. Remember, the vibrations you create are far reaching and have power and influence behind them.