When Times Get Hard Life Goes On No Matter What

When Times Get Hard, Life Goes On No Matter What

We all face obstacles, difficulties and upsets at points during our lives. There’s no way of avoiding them, but we should keep in mind that when times get hard, life goes on. A resilient person knows that, but it doesn’t make life easy.

Good and bad experiences are part of life, they help in making us who we are. When something bad happens though, we don’t care about what it means, all we want is for it to go.

It’s isn’t necessarily the experience that’s difficult, but how to get through it and come out the other side. A time will come when it’s behind us, but how do you cope until it’s over?


when times get hard


Learning to Accept What Happens in Life


There’s much you can influence and control in your life but there are some things beyond your reach, even though they affect you. You know that, so why get upset about it because that won’t make any difference.

That’s an easy thing to say but in practice, it’s not always so easy. Life experience teaches us how to deal with difficult situations or unpleasant times. Believe me, as we get older we learn to take things more in our stride.

Experiencing life is one of the more pleasant things about getting old! As you gain more experience, your views tend to become more rounded. That can be a big help when dealing with unexpected circumstances.

Acceptance of a situation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving in to it. It can simply mean an acknowledgment of what’s happening and once you do that, can begin to deal with it.


Dealing with Things You Can Control


There are plenty of difficult situations you may feel you have no control over, but in reality, you have. Dealing with a difficult situation is easier when you know you can change it.

For example, your health, diet or fitness might not be great, but you can do something about it – if you really want to. You might need to change bad habits, which are hard to break, but you can. By creating good habits with new routines, you are able to make changes.

Self-talk is another area that’s within your control. We “talk” to ourselves constantly and it’s often negative talk. If your conscious mind keeps conveying negative messages to your subconscious, it will begin to believe it and act upon it.

Gratitude plays an important role during difficult times. It’s well-documented that seeking out all the things you are grateful for will make you feel positive. This can help to change your attitude to how you’re feeling.

Speaking of attitude, yours is probably the most important part of being in control of a situation. Your attitude is the key to how you deal with or control any situation.


Dealing with Things You Can’t Control


You may feel there are many things beyond your control, but that isn’t always the case. Again, this is where your attitude can have a big effect. Is your glass half full or half empty? It’s important question to ask yourself.


We Rely on What we Know

When times are hard for us, we tend to revert to what we know what we believe and how we always behave. That’s because our subconscious is programmed that way by experiences from our past.

The problem is that what happened in the past isn’t always relevant to the situation now. Your subconscious mind is doing its best to help by referring to what it knows. That knowledge might do more damage than help.

Try some mind reprogramming psychology, which involves taking control and being aware of how much power you have over yourself. Look for positives and you’ll see more of them, look for negatives and you’ll see more of them too. Which would you prefer to look for?


Accept it’s Happening

Acknowledge that the situation is real, no matter what you do, it has already happened, so it exists. Think about the time when it has passed or when times are better.

Focus on the good things in your life, knowing that the bad times will pass because nothing lasts forever. No matter how bad it feels now, things usually work out ok.

There’s no point in getting angry or mad at the situation because that won’t change it. It may satisfy your ego for a short time, but in the long run, your negative energy will do you harm.


Know You Are Strong

You are stronger than you think you are, we all are. Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the wife of President Franklin D Roosevelt, understood what strength is.

The First Lady was not only the Presidents wife, but also a diplomat and activist. She said: “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

When we face a frightening situation, we often find it isn’t as scary as we thought it was. This can be caused by a fear of the fear itself and that can stop us in our tracks.

Learning to stare fear in the face will not only give you strength, it will help you to experience more and enjoy life. Bad situations will have less of an impact on you because you’re better equipped to deal with them.


When Times Get Hard, is it Because of You?


Your path in life was chosen by you so you should take responsibility for what is happening to you. You might not have chosen the situation you’re in. Be it getting ill, losing a loved one or being made redundant from your job, so how can you be responsible?

The journey you are on has brought you here. It was created by you through your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Surely, you should therefore take some responsibility?

Every thought you have creates a vibration of energy, making it a real thing. The best-selling author and teacher, John Kehoe explains in his book Mindpower into the 21st Century that thoughts are real forces.

Thoughts in your conscious mind will determine how you feel. The way you are feeling will affect the actions you take and therefore, the consequences.

In the short video below, Tony Robbins explains the power our thoughts can have:

You may feel that the situation you’re in is outside your control, but if you’d done things differently would it be like this now? Take responsibility for where you are and what’s happening to you, then a way out of it or the end may become clearer.

Try to monitor your thoughts as much as you can. We think thoughts when we’re not paying attention to them and negative ones can cause us trouble.

It’s difficult to “listen” to our thoughts all the time, but try as much as possible. It’s a good way to make sure we’re creating the best vibrations and energy.


Life’s Ups and Downs are a Part of Life


Good times, bad times, ups and downs, we all experience them. They are a part of life. We might not fully understand them, but they will come and go as we live out our years.

Some things we have to accept even though there is no explanation for them. Take the coronavirus global pandemic, for example which is currently happening at the time of writing. No one wants it and it does no good. There is nothing good about it, but we can learn things from it.

We have been forced to rethink our world and how we fit into it. It has made us look at how we relate to others and what they mean to us. Many of us appreciate what we had but don’t have now. Hopefully, we will have those things again and feel gratitude for them in a way we didn’t before.

When change comes along into our life and it isn’t a pleasant change, we deal with it, we adapt, and we carry on. Sometimes some good will come from it and sometimes not, but it is real, and we must deal with it.

We all face these situations throughout our lives, and we may dread them occurring, but that won’t stop them. In fact, concentrating on them might help bring them into reality.

Live our life as best we can is what we must do because whatever happens, life will go on. We are a crucial part of our world and universe, so let’s make sure we do the best we can.